101 in 1001

101 in 1001

Start: October 27, 2016
End: July 25, 2019

Completed items (indicated in blue): 20
Items in progress (indicated in red): 8


1. Bring a homemade meal to a new mama
2. Surprise a friend with flowers
3. Take my Tappy out for coffee and pay
4. Send 50 handwritten notes
5. Take each of Dillon’s little sisters on an individual girls date (Brielle – October 2017)
6. Pay for the person behind me in line
7. Support a friend in something they’re doing (1/27/17)
8. Establish and stock a ‘happy mail’ station in my home
9. Send a handwritten note of appreciation to ten women I’ve learned from
10. Host our parents for a special meal in our home once we’re married

11. Read the entire Bible
12. Serve as a leader for a student ministry retreat
13. Help lead someone to Christ who doesn’t know Him yet
14. Lead a bible study for a group of girls in our student ministry
15. Plan and host a fun activity for my student ministry girls
16. Work through each of Biblical Letters using the method from Women of the Word
17. Watch/listen to one sermon from another church each month
18. Become disciplined and consistent in prayer
19. Put the Sabbath into practice

Stewardship, Finance, & Organization
20. Cultivate five habits to make our life more green/clean
21. Implement the envelope system (July 2017)
22. Write three letters complimenting excellent service (June 2017)
23. Define time wasters and write out how I will eliminate, replace, or correct them
24. Complete Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (began September 2017)
25. Pay off all existing debts (student loans)
26. Save up and pay cash for my next car
27. Plant a small garden
28. Find a meal planning system and post about it (system found July 2017)
29. Switch to Gmail (October 2017)

Health & Beauty
30. Learn about and implement dry brushing
31.  Improve my diet to include ample fruits, vegetables, and whole food
32. Build up to be able to successfully complete 3 Tone It Up workouts – 1 lower, 1 upper, 1 full-body
33. Run a 5k (November 2017)
34. Try a Pure Barre class
35. Try a hot yoga class
36. Get up and go to the gym before 7am 3x/week for one month
37. Be able to do all three splits
38. Also be able to do a heel stretch on both sides
39. Complete a quarterly sugar fast – 11 total (May 2017)
40. Learn how to do three different updos
41. Be able to hold a five minute plank
42. Learn how to curl my hair well (June 2017)
43. Find my ideal skincare routine
44. Find and invest in three lipsticks that suit me well (April 2017)
45. Find the perfect pastel pink, red, neutral and mid-tone pink nail polish

Milestones, Traditions, & Legacy
46. Get engaged (10/29/16)
47. Marry Dillon (6/10/17)
48. Establish and decorate our first home
49. Take a honeymoon
50. Start a collection of Christmas decorations (May 2017)
51. Chop down our first Christmas tree
52. Establish a family tradition for each season
53. Start sending out yearly Christmas cards once married
54. Buy/Acquire and complete the SW Wedding Day Journal to leave a legacy of our day (June 2017)
55. Create and order an Artifact Uprising album from the first year of marriage
56. Buy something with my new monogram
57. Organize my photos and print favorites
58. Interview my grandparents about their lives and preserve their words
59. Establish repeating traditions and seasonal activities on a special iCalendar

60. Take a course to learn a new skill (October 2017)
61. Watch ten TED talks and post about my favorites (2/10)
62. Make a list of things I don’t like about myself, and try to fix them
63. Make a list of things I wish I was, and try to be them
64. Make a reading list and share it for accountability (January 2017)
65. Read 30 books (6/30)
66. Learn how to take and edit better photos (September 2017)
67. Become a morning person (August 2017)
68. Read Emily Post’s Etiquette

69. Be hired for or create a job I am passionate about
70. Master the full alphabet taught by a calligrapher whose style I most enjoy
71. Create and launch a meaningful print collection on Etsy
72. Blog three times a week for three months
73. Be featured on a blog/website I admire
74. Model for a Southern Weddings editorial shoot with Dillon
75. Submit to and be published in Southern Weddings in either print or web
76. Comment on favorite blogs three times a week for three months
77. Join a weekly blog link-up (December 2016)
78. Be featured in Emily Ley’s Simplicity series
79. Post a home tour
80. Dream up a creative blog series idea and implement it
81. Create and post 50 inspiration boards
82. Conceptualize and bring to life a styled shoot

83. Build my closet up to have at least three weeks worth of outfits I like
84. Buy a Plum Pretty Sugar robe (May 2017)
85. Buy a nice clutch
86. Buy a beautiful lettered piece for our home
87. Buy/acquire a 27′ iMac (September 2017)
88. Upgrade my everyday bag to a quality leather tote
89. Buy a pair of Jack Rodgers (July 2017)
90. Invest in a DSLR camera (September 2017)
91. Invest in a quality pair of riding boots

Adventures, Experiences, and Celebrations
92. Attend another Southern Weddings Launch Party
93. Rent a Vespa in Bermuda
94. Learn how to dive
95. Eat at ten restaurants we haven’t tried before
96. Get a professional blowout at a DryBar
97. Host a dinner party in our newlywed home (November 2017)
98. Hike a mountain (12/1/16)
99. Visit the Triangle, North Carolina again
100. Visit Dallas and take a side-trip to the Magnolia Silos
101. Visit Charleston, South Carolina

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