Happy Friday Friends!
As the start of February is upon us, I am reflecting back on the past month with an immense amount of gratitude.

What Worked in January:

  • Surrendering every area my life to God and trusting Him worked. It created inexplicable peace within me and gave me joy unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I was mindful about giving Him: my health (especially my back), my shop, my blog, my future husband, my loved ones, and my education.
  • Writing more and sharing my heart through words worked. Through journaling, blogging and writing my story, I gained perspective and clarity on my purpose, where I am in life and the direction of my heart. When I started this blog a month ago, I was weary of putting myself and my thoughts out there. It has been well-worth it and I have enjoyed the experience so far.
  • Giving more glory to God worked. I have become less shy about sharing my faith with others and using my influence to share His love. Inspiring others through my growing faith has had a profound impact on my heart this month.
  • Starting each day in the Word worked. I enjoyed completing the Fresh Start reading plan through She Reads Truth. My small group studied scripture on guarding our hearts and later began the book of Luke, which has been awesome. During downtime, I enjoyed the book of Ruth this month, as well as exploring some of the letters, such as Romans and Philippians.
  • Facing my fear of surgery and moving forward with scheduling appointments to make it happen and finally kick this pain worked. While I am afraid, I am excited to gain strength again and not hurt any longer.
  • Making new friends and trying to break out of my shy shell worked this month. My heart is full from new friends and fellowship. I tried to be more intentional about connecting with others, listening to them, being present, and enjoying their company. My phone has been used a lot less this month as I have enjoyed a lot more interaction with people in person instead of through a screen. I’m loving it.
  • Cleaning, organizing, and simplifying all of my spaces worked this month. I have really been enjoying having zero clutter around. I am able to think more clearly and be more productive now.
  • Making gifts for friends worked this month because it fills my heart to the brim. Since I am trying not to spend money, I have become more resourceful and have come to really enjoy making gifts for friends with materials that I have on hand.
  • Engaging with others through their blogs worked this month, leading me to meet new people and find new February opportunities such as the Overcome the Lie 40 Day Challenge, and the A Place to Dwell book club.

What Didn’t Work in January:

  • Lacking intention and consistency with prayer this month did not work. I felt scatter-brained a lot of the time rather than focused.
  • Not filling my body with clean, whole foods did not work this month. I didn’t eat very well and hydrate this month, which left me feeling sluggish a lot of the time.
  • Procrastinating getting an oil change did not work this month because I feel like my car is about to die.
  • Not having a plan for new products and prints within my shop did not work this month. While I did introduce new items, I did not have a consistency with it and I would like to be more intentional about that in February.

January, I have appreciated every sweet moment of you and this joyful month.


1. walking in the snow to help my back – 2. handmade cards for loved ones – 3. playing cranium with dear friends – 4. more handmade cards – 5. lots of quality time spent with my grandparents – 6. a clean, simplified, cozy space – 7. handmade journals for my small group sisters – 8. new scripture prints – 9. my first green smoothie – 10. early mornings spent in scripture – 11. starting Luke with my small group sisters – 12. changing my blog name to my name – 13. digging into scripture and pulling out truths – 14. game night with amazing church friends – 15. journaling and tea – 16. breath-taking sunsets – 17. finding peace in the Word – 18. writing and sharing my heart on my blog

I am excited to see what goodness February brings and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



The Hard Days

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!
This week got off to a rough start for me. As somebody who gets very excited about the start of a new year and the newness that comes with it, I feel as though I took the first few weeks of January by storm. After three solid months of my back injury being a nearly constant struggle, I was ready to focus my attention on other things this month and it worked! By intentionally working towards the things that matter most to me, I was able to restore a feeling of purpose and direction. Through faith I watched God answer prayers and change my heart and mind, which was the best part of this month.

As with many new and exciting things, the novelty often wears off over time. I think of the October of a new school year, a new book that is no longer crisp and pristine, a stain on a new carpet, a scratch on a new car door, and so on. It’s not that things lose heart-value, but the clutter and messes of life begins to mix with the good stuff and then it gets confusing. I experienced a big helping of that over the past few days, as the newness of the year wore off. I was suddenly unmotivated to design or write, I let a few pieces of clutter take residence on my floor, I started worrying about my back injury again, and consequently began to doubt all of the progress that had been made within me.

Rather than wallow and count myself defeated, I waited out the storm, so to speak. I watched a movie, read, and lightened up on myself for a couple of days. I didn’t put the pressure on myself to write, create, or accomplish a long to-do list because I knew that I needed to rest. I had grown a bit weary again and I needed to give myself some room to b r e a t h e. While there will be days where you need to find full restoration, there will also be days where a quick refresher is enough to keep moving. I really appreciated the timing of this post by Emily Ley. She encourages making the most of five minutes. I think about how many times I’ve closed a book or put down my pen because I felt as though the well of inspiration or motivation had dried up for the day. From now on, rather than give up I want to take a break when needed, but then return to my work and keep pressing on towards what matters and – most importantly- pressing into Jesus. It can will be uncomfortable at times to keep moving when you feel like you have run out of energy, but there is a great reward in persistence and discipline. Being able to discern when enough is enough will take time and practice, but it is certainly a good habit to develop.

A new home would not be experienced if you tip-toed through it out of fear of making a mess. The adventures within the pages of a new book would not be enjoyed if you are too afraid of creasing the cover or bending a couple of pages. A house would never amount from a pile of studs if the contractors were too afraid of making a mistake. No art would be made if paints were never opened, and books would not be written if the author gave up after the first few pages.

It is okay to make mistakes, interrupt momentum, or have days where you would rather relax instead of accomplishing something huge. There will be days when projects will be completed and you will reap the benefits of a  job well done, but there will also be days where doing what you can do and leaving the rest up to God is more than enough.

Take a moment to breathe, be present, and enjoy this day.



Batches of Biscuits & An Inspired Kitchen Collection

Hi Y’all! In my growing love for the South and the culture there, I have taken quite a liking to searching for southern recipes and such. Since I am from New England, I do not have heirloom recipes for biscuits and jam, but I would love to start a legacy of my own for my future family. While I prefer healthy foods and nourishing my body with the right things, it is nice to indulge in classic comforts sometimes. Today is a frigid day in New Hampshire, so let’s cozy up and talk biscuits for a moment and then swoon over some inspired kitchen items that I have collected in my virtual travels.
A couple of weeks back, I tried making biscuits and jam from scratch for the first time and they came out very well! I used this recipe from Mrs. Paula Deen and they were, as expected, very rich and delicious. In searching for a biscuit recipe to pair with today’s post, I came upon this recipe and I could relate to the story that was entwined with it. Now I am not sure if authentic southern ladies have secret tips and tricks up their sleeves when it comes to biscuits, but those are things that I will hopefully learn from experience.

In keeping with the theme of cozy and classic comforts, I have put together a collection of kitchen items that conjure up warm and delightful feelings for me. I hope you enjoy!

A set of nesting biscuit cutters in precious packaging

This whisk with a fun floral-patterned stoneware handle.

A vintage apron pattern (I might treat myself after this spending freeze)

Classic pyrex nesting bowls (I think all of the ladies in my family own a set of these bright bowls!)

 A step-by-step for handmade tea towels, inspired by family recipe cards

Now I am in the mood to make another batch of biscuits! If you have a delicious recipe for either biscuits or another comfort food that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear it in the comments! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday 🙂