Good Morning Friends,
I hope that wherever you are at, you are enjoying this day. Today I am reflecting on March and what that month looked like for me.

March began with my birthday, which falls on the first. It was a pretty amazing day, where I woke up without a plan and ended up having my birthday wishes come true before I even had the chance to blow out my candles.

A few days later, I celebrated two weeks post-op and was cleared to drive again. Oh how lovely and freeing it was to get that privilege back! I celebrated with a spur-the-moment drive to the mountains that weekend, which was quite possibly my favorite day of the month.

The Influence Network class that I chose this month was “Getting Unstuck and Gaining Momentum” taught by Haley Morgan. It met me right where I was at, in a transition from restful healing time to a place where I was able to regain function and start living pain-free.

I got to reunite with the sweet middle school girls that I have the privilege of leading in my church’s student ministry. It has been a joy to be serving there again and spending my Wednesday nights with them each week.

Mid-month, I began physical therapy. Since then, every day of PT has brought with it little victories to celebrate as I get closer to being full strength again. I now have two PT sessions a week and am enjoying increased flexibility and endurance.

Spur-the-moment adventures were the theme of the month, with a Friday night trip to Boston and a couple of trips to the beach too. My heart for adventure has grown over this past month!

On a quiet Monday afternoon I found out that two of my dearest friends are making New Hampshire their new home, which left my heart filled with so much goodness.

I enjoyed a lot of special fellowship time with the girls of my Bible study, both individually and also as a group. We had a fun soup/salad/bread night where we talked about art and beauty. That was definitely a highlight from the month.

I finally got the oil changed in my car, which was long overdue. The same day, I purchased two Project Life kits to begin my first album. It is not yet underway but I am excited to dive in and start documenting this fantastic year.

As I look back on March, I feel incredibly blessed. It was a beautiful and full month, much more so than I had expected in late February as I was fresh out of surgery. I’m thankful and excited to see what April has in store. 🙂

I hope you have a great day!






Hello Friends, Earlier this week I found this piece of my writing that I had originally written a few days before my surgery. I realized that amidst the chaos of that week, it was neither finished nor published at that time as I had intended for it to be. It warmed my heart greatly to see how far I’ve come in five weeks, and how this season that began a few weeks ago has truly been full of new life being breathed into me, as I had hoped it would.

February 17th, 2014
Past seasons of my life have each taught me new and unique things. The biggest seasons of my life so far have really helped to shape me into who I am.
This current season of my life has had the most profound affect on my faith and my walk with God than any other. I was stripped of the things I once relied on, such as: routine, income, physical ability, exercise, serving in church, driving wherever I wanted to whenever I wanted to. Along with losing those freedoms, I found new restrictions: no income, a lot of physical pain, new worries and anxieties about the unknown that lies ahead. I have turned to Him to get through it, and I have had moments where I have cried out to Him because I knew that my own strength was not enough.
Life right now in this chapter has been a refining process. It has been a time of growth, a cleansing and purification of my heart and mind. I have been exploring my purpose, and finding my passions.
I hope that the next chapter, which will begin in a few days, will be a time of restoration and a time of new life being breathed into me.

In late December, I began to sort through the clutter within my heart in mind. There were many hours spent praying and writing out my thoughts because I didn’t know where else to begin. Sometimes when I am in the midst of a storm, I can hardly imagine even a glimpse of feeling okay again. While I had faith that the burdens I had been carrying a few months ago would eventually be lifted from my heart,  I truly never expected to be where I am now. There were areas of fear and brokenness, discontent and a lack of belonging. I felt like I was only living out a fraction of the life that I wanted to be living, and the rest of my time was spent feeling frustrated or unsettled instead.

Then God showed up with His grace, and big things started happening. I never expected to make new friends in the weeks surrounding my surgery. I certainly didn’t expect for my heart to suddenly feel light again – now it feels lighter than ever before. I didn’t expect to form relationships and bonds with dear friends during this time, and certainly not such special ones. I didn’t expect to be living pain free, at least not so soon.  I didn’t expect to return to my leadership role at church, serving the students of our youth ministry so soon. I especially didn’t expect to feel so much love and joy and contentment and gratitude and excitement pouring out from my heart each day.

But God had other plans. There has been so much goodness going on around me and within me, and I know that it is all from Him.  I had no idea that while I was nearing the end of that physically and mentally trying storm in January and February, I was actually at the cusp of my favorite season yet.

While each season brings with it new lessons and oftentimes hardships, my current heart-matters are a lot more exciting and fulfilling than the ones that I had been dealing with before. Right now I am dealing with a bit of insecurity and a desire for wisdom and understanding, especially when it comes to reading the Bible. I am learning new ways to move and work within the limits of my physical restrictions, so as to take care of my back the best way that I can. I am working on being mindful of how I make use of my time, but I am also showing myself grace and allowing myself to rest and heal and be present. At the moment, I do not have a profound plan for what I am planning to do in the fall. I don’t know if I am going to be taking classes, or if I am going to be working for somebody else, or if I am going to overhaul my shop and start anew. But that’s okay. I do believe that all of the goodness that is happening in my life is just the beginning of greater things to come, like little seeds that are just beginning to grow into the fruit of the days ahead.

I’m not sure what steps I should be taking to grow right now, but I am learning that the experiences of life and walking through them with God seems to be the best way to refine my heart and mind. By intentionally surrendering every aspect of my life to Him and seeking wisdom and guidance, I am confident that the path ahead of me is going to be clearly laid out before me and that it will lead to somewhere wonderful.

I hope you are having a lovely day and that you are embracing whatever kind of season you are in right now. Even if you are not sure where you are at or where you are going, He knows and He has a greater plan than anything you can imagine.



Grateful For

The warm cup of ginger pear tea that I am currently sipping

A stack of books that I gathered from the library today

Seeing a shooting star a few nights ago

Fellowship and the growing sense of community in my life

Being able to lift my foot to the third stair in PT and being able to sit with my legs out straight in front of me

An adventure that I get to look forward to on Friday night

The desire to read

Quality time spent with Grammy and Tappy on Monday

A game night that I get to look forward to on Saturday night

Those good butterflies in my stomach that are pleasantly persistent these days

A summer job that is already lined up

A Facetime date with one of my sweet friends-but-nearly-sisters tomorrow afternoon

Three months of financial provision and stability despite not having a job

A potential mid-west road trip with two of my dear friends in the near future


The ever-growing joy that has taken up residence within my heart over the past month.