Good Morning Friends,
I hope that wherever you are at, you are enjoying this day. Today I am reflecting on March and what that month looked like for me.

March began with my birthday, which falls on the first. It was a pretty amazing day, where I woke up without a plan and ended up having my birthday wishes come true before I even had the chance to blow out my candles.

A few days later, I celebrated two weeks post-op and was cleared to drive again. Oh how lovely and freeing it was to get that privilege back! I celebrated with a spur-the-moment drive to the mountains that weekend, which was quite possibly my favorite day of the month.

The Influence Network class that I chose this month was “Getting Unstuck and Gaining Momentum” taught by Haley Morgan. It met me right where I was at, in a transition from restful healing time to a place where I was able to regain function and start living pain-free.

I got to reunite with the sweet middle school girls that I have the privilege of leading in my church’s student ministry. It has been a joy to be serving there again and spending my Wednesday nights with them each week.

Mid-month, I began physical therapy. Since then, every day of PT has brought with it little victories to celebrate as I get closer to being full strength again. I now have two PT sessions a week and am enjoying increased flexibility and endurance.

Spur-the-moment adventures were the theme of the month, with a Friday night trip to Boston and a couple of trips to the beach too. My heart for adventure has grown over this past month!

On a quiet Monday afternoon I found out that two of my dearest friends are making New Hampshire their new home, which left my heart filled with so much goodness.

I enjoyed a lot of special fellowship time with the girls of my Bible study, both individually and also as a group. We had a fun soup/salad/bread night where we talked about art and beauty. That was definitely a highlight from the month.

I finally got the oil changed in my car, which was long overdue. The same day, I purchased two Project Life kits to begin my first album. It is not yet underway but I am excited to dive in and start documenting this fantastic year.

As I look back on March, I feel incredibly blessed. It was a beautiful and full month, much more so than I had expected in late February as I was fresh out of surgery. I’m thankful and excited to see what April has in store. 🙂

I hope you have a great day!





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