Modern Calligraphy

Good Afternoon friends,

It has been a goal of mine for a while now to learn modern calligraphy. Last November, I had picked up a very inexpensive set from Michael’s but found that it did not consistently work well for me and I didn’t enjoy it enough to practice until it improved. Then, a couple of weeks ago I decided to revisit that goal and take action on it by ordering some basic supplies online to get started. As soon as my new supplies came in last Wednesday, I opened the box and started playing with the new products. My favorite item so far is the Nikko G nib, and my most important investment has been a good pad of marker paper. I picked mine up from Hobby Lobby for about $8 with a coupon. The smooth quality of the paper has allowed my writing to flow and become more natural. I’m really enjoying the process and find it to be very relaxing.

Here is the first project that I completed this weekend. I hope you enjoy!





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