New Hampshire

I talk about the South a lot and I have a burden on my heart for North Carolina, especially since my visit last month. Maybe six months or a year from now I will move there or some place I have yet to think of. However, in this current season, God is doing things within me right here in New Hampshire. If we spend our days dreaming of something more, I think we are missing the life that we have been given. Right now, I’m learning and growing here. I have an abundance of community, which is something that I craved last summer. I have opportunities that are helping to give me experience with both design and the wedding industry. This morning I took a little bit of time to quiet my heart and think about the gifts that I have at my fingertips right here in the Granite State.

I like the coast. I like that we have a coast. As the shortest coastline in the US, I like that you can drive it in less than an hour and then turn around and do it again.

I like going for afternoon drives and the quaint town squares that I get to visit along the way. Here are some of my favorite routes that I discovered during my adventures this year: Goffstown to Hancock, Goffstown to BenningtonPeterborough to Harrisville, Meredith to Lincoln

I like this and this place a whole lot and this is my favorite barn in the whole world.

I like the mountains. We are close to the northern tip of the Appalachian trail, which lends itself to stunning views. I can see mountains from almost any nearby town and the view is one of my favorite things to look at, up there with sunrises and sunsets.

I like our covered bridges. They are a rare treasure in this modern time, but we have fifty four of them. At least twice this year I have gone for a drive with friends to enjoy and take pictures of them.

I like that we have the most beautiful fall foliage in the world, or so my complete biased self thinks.

Even though Boston isn’t in NH, I like that it is less than an hour away from my home.

I like that, though this region has a reputation for being unchurched, there are lots of people who have a heart for ministry and want to serve and love on everybody around them.

I like the antique shops and that there are lots of them. This one is my favorite.

I like that the Peterborough Basket Company is located here and has a place at their factory where majorly discounted products can be purchased. I bought my first picnic basket there.

I like our state school and its beautiful campus, even though it doesn’t offer any design programs. I really enjoyed my two years there.

I like that it’s rich in American history and that its where I grew up and am continuing to do so.

Photo Source: Fred LeBlanc

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