Snippets of Loveliness

via Callie Davis

As we make our way to the midpoint of summer, I have been savoring the long days and warm nights. The laid-back slowness has allowed for extra time to relax, learn, and create. To give a glimpse into what that has looked like, here are some of the lovely things that I have been enjoying this week:

• following along the behind-the-scenes look at Emily Ley’s process of designing a new collection

• putting basil and lemon in my water

this section of Call Me Callie

• lighting a candle and enjoying a nice Spotify playlist in the evening

this song

• flipping through the latest Anthropologie catalog

• the almond joy gelato I had up North on Sunday

What are your favorite ways to infuse more delight into your days?

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Curated: Seaside Art

I recently discovered the cheerfully scenic work of Gray Malin, a photographer whose art fills me with all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings and a deep desire to be transported into the places that serve as his subjects. Ever since I captured this image during my recent trip to Bermuda, I have become fascinated with aerial seaside photography. On Saturday morning, I spent some time perusing the internet with my morning coffee to find some lovely pieces that I would love to collect and display in my space someday. If you know of any other similar artists, please let me know because I would love to take a look!

Praia Piquinia by Christian Chaize

Waikiki No. 6 by Max Wanger

Hamptons Blue and White Umbrellas by Gray Malin