What I’m Loving This Week

This week has been my favorite one of the entire summer. I have been gaining momentum and confidence in faith, health, design, and friendships. God is stretching and growing me and equipping me along the way, which is so welcome and such a refreshing place to be. The rhythms of life are picking up again with fall just around the corner, and I could throw confetti for the exciting things coming up soon.
Courtesy of Jensine Lee

With this lovelier week wrapping up, here are some of the things that I have been loving recently:

The Happy Hour podcast

Fixing a poached egg on avocado toast for breakfast

Working through the Breaking Free Study

Getting this page up and running again

Getting excited about and meeting my roommates for the Influence Conference

This workout top 

Flipping through my Bermuda tourism magazines from May in preparation for…

This exciting news

This sweet and crunchy treat

The lettering samples in this blog post

I would love to hear what you’ve been loving lately, too! Share in the comments below 🙂

Oh My Travel-Loving Heart

Y’all. Today my family booked another trip to Bermuda. For October. (All the exclamation points, all the thoughts of how silly and adventurous and awesome my family is, and all the clean eating I can do before then). Two trips to Bermuda in a six month period might seem a bit much, but my not-so-little-anymore brother is moving away to begin basic training for the Air Force in a few months and this will be our last family trip for a long while. Bermuda is a special place for our family and it will be such a neat experience to visit it twice in one year. There is so much more to be seen this time 🙂

Source: Melissa Barrett via Darling Magazine

Summer has been so heavy, so long, and so stormy. I’m weary and tired and excited for fall. Things are looking up with two trips booked for the next two months (Indianapolis in September and Bermuda in October), along with the wedding of two dear friends, another dear friend’s baby shower, the Influence Conference, and whatever grand adventure the Lord has for me next. I think He has a lot to teach me about grace and walking in the freedom that comes from a relationship with Him, and I am grateful and expectant in that tonight as I sleepily type away over a spicy bowl of chicken chili.