What Makes Your Heart Wild and Free?

During a session held last Friday by Nancy Ray and Gina Zeidler, conference attendees were instructed to write down five things that make our hearts wild and free. Serving as only a starting point, they also encouraged us to make a full list of what fires us up to refer back to in the day to day. I’ve done this in the past, particularly at the start of the past two years as I’ve work through my PowerSheets, but I want to sit down and do a refresh of my long list now too. In the meantime, these are the first things that came to mind during the exercise on Friday for me.
What Makes Your Heart Wild and Free

In the session, they reminded us that He is the One who guides us to our fullest versions of ourselves and that we could never produce joy on our own. Let’s hold our hands open to Him as we walk out this day, friends.

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