Bermuda Bucket List

With our trip to Bermuda just one day away, I have been doing some research to find landmarks and such that I would like to visit in order to make the most of my time on the island. Before I wrap up this week’s workload and finish up with packing, I will share what I have written down so far:

Source: Southern Curls & Pearls

watch the sunset on the ocean every night that the sky is clear

have quiet time journaling on the deck overlooking the Dockyard

wave to Johnny Barnes

walk around the track on the top deck in the morning

watch the sunset at Daniels Head Park

stroll down Front Street

visit Urban Cottage

climb to the top of Gibbs Hill lighthouse

order coffee from the Rock Island coffeeshop

visit the seaglass beach

hike up Fort Scaur

visit the Perot Post Office, Bermuda Cathedral, and the Sessions House in Hamilton

walk through Par la Ville Park

visit Jobson’s cove

visit the Admiralty House

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