October Goals

September was one of my most favorite months ever (I love when that happens) and I’m throwing confetti now that October is here. Last month was spiritually refreshing, full of new friendships, and creatively inspiring. I went to Indianapolis for the Influence Conference, I shared a new design offering, celebrated a sweet friend at her baby shower, started an internship yesterday with Life Lived Beautifully, and savored every bit of the warm September sunshine. This month is an exciting one, with a wedding next weekend and Bermuda 2.0 the week after that. I’m excited to walk through the days ahead!
October Goals

Source: Ryan Ray

October Goals

Have a restful and adventurous vacation week

Follow-up with the sweet creative ladies I connected with at the conference

Buy flowers for a friend ‘just because’

Write a new ‘what fires me up’ list

Buy a sketchbook and start filling the pages without hesitation

Take a new Skillshare class each week except when I’m away

Keep my morning routine daily, even on vacation

Take my vitamins and drink enough water every day

Continuing walking faithfully with the Lord each day in our deepening relationship

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