Ready to Receive

Life right now is full of hope, expectation, and hands held wide open to receive. We are leaving for our family trip to Bermuda today and I am excited to receive from the Lord while I’m away. I’m expectant for big ideas from Him, and creativity and stillness and abundance and adventure. On our last vacation, I tried to dig and uncover a lot within myself, which was daunting and exhausting even though it seemed like the right thing to do at the time. This time, I am ready to show up with an open heart and a willing spirit to be guided by Him into fullness and vision. He’s been planting seeds for a while now and I am eager for a harvest and expectant that He has one for me in the days to come.

In that, I want to encourage you to hold your hands open to Him too. That’s been a big theme for me lately in my life and one that has continually pointed me to Him through recent weeks. Through it I have learned to not look for things that aren’t there but instead to take notice of where I see Him, what He has done, and what He is doing. Look for where you see Him moving in your life, in the lives of others, and in the quiet places of your heart. Ask Him to show you. It’s a beautiful thing to receive what He has and a comfort to know that His matters are the very best kind.

For the next week I will be unplugging without my phone, without the internet, and without everyday routine. I’m packing up my journal, the Word, some art supplies, and my sunhat for seven days of simplicity and am excited to bring back what I learn while I’m away. Talk to you soon, friends.

Bermuda Bucket List

With our trip to Bermuda just one day away, I have been doing some research to find landmarks and such that I would like to visit in order to make the most of my time on the island. Before I wrap up this week’s workload and finish up with packing, I will share what I have written down so far:

Source: Southern Curls & Pearls

watch the sunset on the ocean every night that the sky is clear

have quiet time journaling on the deck overlooking the Dockyard

wave to Johnny Barnes

walk around the track on the top deck in the morning

watch the sunset at Daniels Head Park

stroll down Front Street

visit Urban Cottage

climb to the top of Gibbs Hill lighthouse

order coffee from the Rock Island coffeeshop

visit the seaglass beach

hike up Fort Scaur

visit the Perot Post Office, Bermuda Cathedral, and the Sessions House in Hamilton

walk through Par la Ville Park

visit Jobson’s cove

visit the Admiralty House

Printable Travel Outfit Planner

Instead of rushing around at the last minute tomorrow, I am taking today to finish most of my pre-vacation to do list. One of the most difficult tasks on my list was determining what to pack for clothing since our trip will have cooler weather at our starting point and warm tropical weather in the middle. To simplify matters, I whipped up a printable that helped me to visualize all of the items I will wear and how they work together to minimize the amount of clothes I pack. It covers a week, but could easily suit a longer trip by printing multiple copies. You can get yours here to print as you’d like.  I hope it serves you well the next time you pack for a trip by taking the guesswork out of what you choose to bring.