Monday Morning Check-In

I’ve said this before but this blog often takes the backseat when life gets full, and I’m grateful that there’s grace in that! I want my creativity to forever remain a delight in my life rather than a chore, so sometimes there will be months where posts are less frequent, and I think y’all can agree with me that that’s okay.

This was a weekend of fellowship, crafting, quiet time, reading, and resting. I started the day off today with journaling about the past couple of days and getting quiet with a cup of lemon tea. My desk is currently covered in lettering sketches for a project I am working on, a coffee mug, a protein smoothie, a water bottle, my new book for the Influence Network Book Club, and resources for digging deep in the Seamless study that I’m doing with my friend Dana. I have my latest favorite worship song playing and am about to roll up my sleeves for a productive Monday.

Through the fullness of life lately I have learned to be present and to savor each day, fixing my eyes on God and growing right where He has me. It’s like a lovely exhale to enjoy all that’s in front of me instead of looking down and missing things out of a striving mentality. While there is a time for planning and progressing in business and character growth, there is something really beautiful about thriving where your feet are planted today.

I intend to get more intentional about this little corner of the internet in the upcoming year, but in the meantime I will keep sharing bits and pieces of life as I go. I hope your Monday is lovely as can be!

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