Branding: Lex + BD Designs

Alexis and Bryan Dwyer are two of the most genuine, passionate, down-to-earth people I have ever met. Born from the natural fit of Alexis’s eye for design and Bryan’s enjoyment of creating, Lex + BD Designs is a brand that offers unique soldered glasswork to make your life and home more relaxing and fun. Inspired by plants and the nature of New England, Lex + BD Designs purposes to be good stewards of the earth through incorporating sustainability into their designs and curating materials from secondhand sources. Their brand is a blend of classic methods and new designs, a combination that brings quality craftsmanship to your spaces to make them a place you love to be.

I was honored and humbled when this sweet couple reached out to discuss hiring me for branding their business towards the end of this past summer. I knew I wanted to take a leap of faith and be brave with my first-ever branding project, and I was really grateful to have such amazing clients to work with for my inaugural brand design. Even though it was unchartered territory for me, I trusted that God would stir up creativity within me as I worked as long as I held my hands open to Him in it and left plenty of room for Him to form new ideas. He was so faithful in guiding each step of this project! At times it felt as though His hand was guiding my paintbrush.

We hit the ground running in late August with a client meeting, lettering sketches, and a brand proposal that ultimately took shape into the visual identity of their business. The Dwyers are both innovative and creative people who knew from the start that they wanted their brand to be a reflection of the things most dear to their hearts, including Alexis’s Florida roots. One of the most prominent ways I incorporated this was by establishing a strong color palette before introducing any color into the logo. When we had solidified the swatches that best suited their brand, the orange graphic element came to life and felt right at home as it was placed into their lettered logo.

I don’t think it was any coincidence that this project wrapped up the day before I left for my family vacation in October. With a tropical smoothie in hand and my fall favorites playing on Spotify, I put the finishing touches on their collateral files and sent them to print. It was perfect timing to share in that excitement with the Dwyers before unplugging for a week. When I returned home, the first thing I did was open the box of business cards that had arrived from the printer while I was away. Y’all, I don’t think we could be more excited with how it all turned out. I am grateful to have had clients who appreciate custom lettering and hand-painted elements as much as I do. As a designer, I am passionate about stepping outside of the commonly-used aspects of branding design and believe that putting pen to paper helps to build a brand that is as unique, homegrown, and well-suited for a business as the creative minds behind it. Thank you Alexis and Bryan for including me on this adventure of yours! It has been an honor to work with you. 🙂


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Snippets from November

November has been full of community, quiet time, and creativity. Aside from working on design projects, I have hardly opened my laptop and it has been so good for quieting my heart and steading my gaze on what matters most. As I shared earlier this fall, I am taking this sweet season to produce less content and to instead cast vision for how to best use this corner of the internet in the upcoming year. With less-frequent posts, I want to share a glimpse into what I have been up to lately.

• I have been catching up with one of my dear friends who just came back from ten months of teaching in Malaysia.

• I just wrapped up some Christmas graphics for the Influence Network and am excited for all that they have planned to share with members in the upcoming weeks.

• I have been devouring the Word unlike ever before. Seamless has been a catalyst.

• Weekly lunches beside the lake with one of my sweet friends. We started doing this in early October and my Mondays are lovelier for it.

• I got to work a merchandise table at a Big Daddy Weave concert at my church last Tuesday and it was an awesome night that reminded me of God’s grace, gentleness, and steadfast love.

• I was commissioned by for my first lettered logo project. I’m hoping to take on more lettering projects like this in the upcoming months!

• Our student ministry had a lock-in last Friday night filled with cookies, laser tag, and a 5am dance party.

• I cozied up in the corner of a charming local cafe for a folk music night

• I had the privilege of doing the layout and design for the first Life Lived Beautifully holiday magazine

• I have been savoring a (mostly) TV-free month with lots of quiet time and reading. This book is quickly becoming a favorite.

Lately, days have been full in the best ways. It’s incredible how abundant our schedules become when we realize that ‘our’ time is really His and that He will place good things in our calendars if we leave margin instead of crowding them with our own agendas. I hope you have a lovely Monday friends!

He is Our Fixed Point

New weeks excite me with fresh planner pages to be filled and new projects to get my hands on. This morning, however, I found my attention being pulled in several different directions from the start. While each thing was well-intentioned and ultimately a worthy pursuit, my time and resources are not my own and it would be a waste to try and plan out the day without His direction. If I try to divide my attention among every item on my list – especially at the same time – I will end up with an unfinished product at worst and a watered-down result at best. As I was trying to decide what to tackle first, I stopped for a moment and remembered something from yesterday’s sermon: We need a fixed point to refer back to for everything in life. God is steady, unwavering, always good, and always faithful.

While the things that vie for our attention each day might all be good and fruitful, it is important to remember that our time is not really our own. The hours in each day, the giftings we were created to have, and the passions in our heart are all fruitless when they are used to build our own kingdoms instead of His. So in choosing where to invest our resources – the building blocks that consist of our time, energy, and money – will you join me in asking Him how He would like them to be used? Whether it be in approaching a project at work, sharing a conversation with a friend, making purchases on a Target run, and everything in between, let’s do a heart-check and see how we can point others towards Him and away from ourselves in what we do and how we invest the resources we’ve been entrusted with. Let’s lift our eyes beyond ourselves and fix them on Him instead, our steady fixed point. He knows what He is doing and He always satisfies.