Blog-tember Day 9: Charleston, The Triangle, and Dallas

Oh my adventure-loving heart is excited about today’s Blog-tember post! The prompt is: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? Why? My answer is three-fold because there are just so many places I’d like to visit. When considering this question, I immediately thought of the South, a place that I am not shy about sharing my deep love for. With that in mind, I chose three different southern places as my answer.


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Charleston, South Carolina for the history, the Low Country charm, the biscuits and cornbread, the cobblestone, and the landscape.

The Triangle, North Carolina because I left a piece of my heart there during my visit in 2014 and have dreamt of going back ever since. Thankfully, I already have a flight to RDU booked for later this year! I would absolutely love to move there someday if the Lord has a purpose for it.

Dallas, Texas to visit a sweet friend, drive through the charming little towns nearby, and experience a little (or big – because y’all, it’s Texas) piece of the lonestar state.

Where would you visit if given the opportunity to choose?


4 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 9: Charleston, The Triangle, and Dallas

  1. I have been to Dallas once to visit family but we didn’t have a chance to explore too much so I hope we can explore later this month when we go again! It’s a 5-hour drive from San Antonio, which is pretty manageable with long conversations and audiobooks

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