Blog-tember Day 4: Currently in September

I hope you are having a wonderful long weekend friends! Today’s Blog-tember post is a fun walk down memory lane, as I did a similar post at this time last year and again in October. Enjoy!


Today’s Prompt: What are you up to currently?

Reading the article about the 2016 CMA awards in this month’s copy of Southern Living. Carrie and Brad are so fun and it’s neat to read about the event over the years!

Watching the Office

Trying to go to bed a bit earlier and wake up a bit earlier too

Cooking so much soup lately. I made this recipe from Ashlee Proffitt’s blog on Thursday night. Yum!

Eating more greens this month (and a few of these mint cookies Dillon bought for me on a recent Whole Foods adventure)

Drinking pumpkin everything, soon!

Pinning these gorgeous fabric swatches from the J. Crew bridal collection

Going to church this morning

Loving this cooler weather

Thinking about going peach picking

Feeling much better after a week-long cold

Listening (to) the playlist I will be sharing later this week

Celebrating the start of September. Labor Day to the holidays is my most favorite time of year!

Smelling my Leaves candle. Fall goodness is in the air!

Thanking God for His endless grace and continual pursuit of my heart

Starting a custom print design ordered by a client for her daughter

Finishing a logo design for a sweet friend in South Carolina

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8 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 4: Currently in September

  1. Isn’t The Office great? My college roommate and I ALWAYS had it on in the background when we were both in the room. We watched through the series probably 5 times and it never got old!

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