Blog-tember Day 3: Summer Favorites

It’s been such a delight to get into the swing of Blog-tember this week and connect with fellow bloggers! I’ve been resting from a cold for most of this week so it has been particularly nice to have the blog to work on in the extra downtime.

Today’s prompt: Now that summer’s at an end, share a list of favorites from the season!

My favorites were quite simple to come up with! I introduced most of these for the first time this summer and they have been adding health, comfort, and convenience to my days ever since.

Summer Favorites

Tieks | I have been wearing Target flats for years, buying a couple pairs a year and wearing them into the ground until they were no longer cute and polished looking. They were stylish and versatile, but lacked comfort and breathability. I finally splurged on a pair of chestnut brown Tieks after years of wanting to and haven’t looked back. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned and I wear them almost daily.

Pineapple Daily Simplified Planner | This is the first year I’ve consistently used a planner since I was in school and it’s been such a help to keep a daily to-do list and to write events, appointments, and meetings all in one place. And it’s super cute!

tumbler from the Mason Bar Company | Y’all. I have been so much more hydrated since making this purchase. I bought the light blue wide-mouth lid, a pack of straws, and a cute little brush to keep them clean. I picked up the jar locally at Hobby Lobby to save on shipping and have been happily sipping my way through 100+ ounces per day ever since.

fruit smoothies | This has been my go-to breakfast this summer, helping me to get protein and nutrient-dense fruit all in one go. I first add greek yogurt and fruit to the blender and then splash in a bit of almond milk and drink it on the go. In the afternoon I often add peanut butter and cocoa powder for a little something extra and it tastes like such a treat!

foam-rolling | I purchased this one on Amazon after I started using the same one at PT in the springtime. It is such a relaxing way to end the day, breaking up any tension in my muscles and stretching out my back after any long periods of sitting for work.

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8 thoughts on “Blog-tember Day 3: Summer Favorites

  1. I have been dying to try out a pair of Tieks! They look so comfy–which is just what I need!! Also I’m totally with you on foam-rolling, it is seriously amazing!! I’m loving coming to your blog each day!!

  2. I have been thinking of buying Tieks, but wasn’t sure if they have enough arch support for my flat feet. I end up with foot pain at the end of the day if I dont have enough support, so I want to try them on and see what I think because they are so cute and I keep hearing how comfy they are!

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