Drawing Inspiration from Southern Weddings V8

Oh happy day, y’all! Southern Weddings V9 officially launches today, and she’s gorgeous. I got my copy in the mail last weekend and was so delighted that the release date coincided so well with my recent engagement. To join in the festivity, I am sharing my favorite editorial inspiration pulled from their last issue.

Our Kentucky Home


 I especially love the pie bar, the mismatched groomsmen, and their bowties. View the original post here.

Equestrian Elegance


The blue ribbon-inspired escort cards are my favorite part of this editorial. Her bouquet is beautiful and her gown is unique and dreamy, and the stationery is simple and elegant. View the original post here.

Texas Sweethearts

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 This is my favorite Southern Weddings editorial to date. The farm tables, the chambray accents, the tea towels, every detail ties together so beautifully. I really like the neutral mismatched bridesmaids dresses, too! View the original post here.

Love Preserved


 How cute is that pig?! I’m just a bit smitten. This shoot is so dreamy, with the soft lighting, the watercolor details, and the Southern charm of the mason jar display. View the original post here.

For further inspiration, view digital copies of past issues of Southern Weddings here.

Recipe Roundup

I have been a fan of cooking ever since I was a little girl. I used to tear pieces of construction paper and whisk them in a mixing bowl while my mom cooked dinner. I thought it was the best thing ever when she decided that seven was old enough to learn how to fix scrambled eggs. Around the same time, my dad used to watch Emeril and Iron Chef with me, long before the days of Master Chef Junior. My enjoyment with cooking grew throughout my childhood as Disney Channel released this movie and my friends and I would try to invent recipes of our own. My mom and I later started an annual tradition of watching the holiday specials on the Food Network and grew to be avid Pioneer Women viewers a few years ago. While all of this contributed to my enjoyment of cooking and my ability in the kitchen, it left me with a familiarity of cooking meals that lack proper nutrition and wholesome ingredients.

As Dillon and I began eating together more often this summer, I realized that I didn’t have many healthy(ish) recipes to pull from. Since we both place high value on eating well, I want to prepare well to bring those habits into our home. While cleaning up my diet is a work-in-progress, I have dramatically decreased my intake of sugar, flour, and processed foods this year. In doing so, I’ve set out to find recipes that suit our health preferences while being simple and delicious at the same time. I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you today, each being a recipe that is sure to be brought into our newlywed home. Enjoy!


slow cooker chicken and veggie quinoa soup | baked chicken breast | garlicky kale and white bean stew
creamy chicken tortilla soup | noodle-free lasagna | spaghetti squash lasagna boats

What are your favorite healthy go-to meals? This soon-to-be newlywed wife is looking to expand her repertoire!


Friday No. 4

1. Dillon and I had a lot of fun theming our Halloween costumes with our recent news. I made the veil in about fifteen minutes for less than $4 (using this tutorial). It was a hit at our community group party!

2. While shopping for costume supplies, I spotted these signs in Hobby Lobby and this Joshua 24:15 one caught my eye. I made a note to return once we have a better idea of our desired aesthetic for our home.

3. Last Friday we made a homemade version of P.F. Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps (omitting the mushrooms for preference) and they were delicious! I also made this soup last night and we both counted it a success!


4. My friend Lara and her team launched their 2017 PowerSheets this week and they are better than ever! I blogged about them on Tuesday to share why I like them and give an inside look at the pages. I plan to purchase the 12-month workbook very soon. (photo from Cultivate What Matters).


5. Southern Weddings revealed their V9 cover on Wednesday and it is stunning! I received an email that same day saying that my copy shipped this week and I’m so excited to pore over all the beautiful content within its pages.

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