Christmas in the Car

Christmas is in five days, carols are playing ’round the clock on the radio, lights are twinkling throughout my neighborhood, the smell of pine is in the air, and the love of Christ is filling homes and hearts across the world. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This weekend, Dillon and I realized that busyness is not the mode of operation we want to mark our holidays with. Our Sunday was full. We had a Christmas recital, caroling party, and student ministry party all within a six-hour span. We hadn’t planned for the day to be so full and I quickly noticed that stress could wedge its way in and rob us of joyfulness if we weren’t careful. Instead of letting the day ‘happen’ to us, I decided to infuse our day with novelty and festivity and use it as an opportunity to make a memory together instead.

As Dillon finished up some work after service, I went to Target and purchased two Santa hats, some Christmas sweet treats, a fun seltzer (our favorite!), festive hats, and a box of candy canes. As we drove to each activity, we played Christmas carols and used our driving time to have ‘Christmas in the car’. Y’all, if you have a crazy schedule at any point in the next five days, do this. It cost about twelve dollars and it gave us a new tradition that we plan to use each year on the busiest day of the holiday season. Establishing this little tradition challenged me to think of other ways to turn otherwise stressful parts of the season into fun memories instead. I don’t have any pictures from our car party because we were enjoying the moment with each other and my phone was tucked away, but I want to share the idea with you because it was such a blessing to us. Sometimes the simple spontaneous things are the loveliest things and I’m excited to put that to good use!

Friday No. 5

1. On Saturday I went into Boston to meet up with two of my sweet friends for a day of celebrating Christmas in the city. Y’all, we’ve been friends for seventeen years! We met in our second-grade class and were inseparable throughout the rest of elementary, middle, and high school. We started our day having breakfast at Union Cafe in Allston and then took the T to the SOWA Holiday Market. After shopping for a bit and warming up in line at Starbucks, we strolled the shops of Newbury Street (and even popped into the Taj hotel to see their Christmas decor).

2. Later on Saturday, Dillon and I made gingerbread houses with two of our sweet friends from church. We had so much fun designing our little homes and seeing each other’s creativity shine through the process.

3. Earlier this week, Dillon and I met up at the end of the day to build a snowman in a nearby town square. It was chilly and the snow wasn’t very sticky, but we had so much fun making snow angels and crafting this little guy with the bit of sticky snow we could find. The glow of Christmas lights in town was magical!

4. I have grown to really enjoy one of my December goals of sharing time with God by the tree in the morning. I’ve been reading through the nativity story in Luke this week and really liked reading Mary’s song to God when she realized she would be the mother of Jesus.

5. We had our student ministry Christmas party on Wednesday night and I happened to find Santa in the church lobby! I suddenly became a five-year-old girl again and felt all festive and excited. I know that many families approach Santa differently, but my parents did such a good job with it when I was little that it still holds some of the magic that it used to!

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Christmas Sweet Treats

As a bride-to-be, I have already begun trying new recipes and making note of those we’ve most enjoyed to bring with me to our married home next year. One of my dear friends sent me the loveliest little meal planning notebook from May Designs last week to guide me through the meal planning process, and I also have my eye on this new recipe binder from Emily Ley to store my favorites. I am putting my own twist on today’s ‘favorite holiday recipes’ prompt to share a list of Christmas sweet treats I’d like to refer back to in the future, including some that I’ve tried and others that I want to make note to try!

Christmas Sweet Treats - Kyla Mary

gingerbread cookies / chocolate chip cookies / brown sugar oatmeal cookies

cinnamon rolls / simple toffee / egg nog cookiesoreo truffles

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