Our First Week Married (Part 2)

On Monday I shared a look into the first few days after our wedding. Today I am sharing the second part of our first week married! As I explained on Monday, we are saving our honeymoon trip after taking a family vacation to Bermuda in May. While it felt a bit anticlimactic to stay in town last week, I am thankful for the way it provided us with a smooth transition to normalcy.

We spent Sunday-Tuesday soaking up as much rest as we could and living off leftovers. That sounds incredibly unglamorous as I write it, but it was Southern fare from our wedding and restaurant favorites – yum! We found a way to make pimento cheese a breakfast food by using it in an egg and cheese sandwich. Y’all, be sure to try it – and then toss on your workout clothes!

First Week Married (Part 2) - Kyla Mary

On Tuesday afternoon, we set out to clean our apartment which was so cluttered with the wedding items Dillon’s parents had dropped off on Sunday. We sifted through leftover decorations and set aside pieces to pass on to loved ones. I appreciate an orderly space, so this brought rest to my living-in-a-new-place heart! After we cleaned for a couple hours, we went out for dinner to a local favorite of ours. I have exclusively ordered the chicken pot pie at this restaurant for 10+ years but branched out with a baked seafood dish. It did not disappoint! We drove to my parents’ house after dinner to pick up a wedding gift that had been delivered there. Then it was time to head home to get a good night’s sleep before we both returned to work the next day.

Fortunately, we both go to work around noon on Wednesdays. It was delightful to have one last bit of rest before we returned to our typical responsibilities. This was the first morning where I felt rather settled in our apartment. I have found it to be incredibly helpful to start the day with my morning routine from home – lighting a candle and enjoying coffee and quiet time on the couch.

When I arrived to work that day, everyone thought I had taken the entire week off! There had been some miscommunication about my schedule, which thankfully allowed me to take Friday off. The transition back to work was so much easier knowing my work week was only two days long. I kept looking down at my rings and remembering all the goodness of the days prior.

Towards the end of my work day, one of my dear friends and bridesmaids messaged me about wanting to keep her bouquet forever. I am glad to know that others enjoyed our flowers as much as I did! I planned to preserve my bouquet but ended up tossing it this week as I saw how different it looked dried.

Thursday was much like Wednesday, with work and daily responsibilities. Friday was such a delight though! Our wedding photographer – and dear friend of mine – had us over for lunch and a sneak peek at our pictures. She did a beautiful job and it was such a treat to see them just days after our wedding!

We stopped at a mall on our way home to exchange some pieces from Pottery Barn, and then treated ourselves to crepes afterward. If you’ve never tried a savory crepe, be sure to make note to do so! Dillon had a chicken and cheese variety, and I opted for ham and cheese with honey mustard.

We picked up some fun treats at Lush after dinner – mostly free samples – and then went to Target to do a big return. Neither of us prefers to spend hours shopping, but we made each stop fun along the way! We picked up some pantry organization bins and headed home to watch The Office.

Dillon had a children’s ministry event on Saturday afternoon, but we got to share the morning together before he left. One of our new nightstands was delivered first thing on Saturday morning – but with a broken leg. Unfortunately, we have to send it back and it is sold out almost everywhere on the internet – but I found a replacement at Kohls! I planned to attend the church event but had an impromptu lunch and shopping date with my mom instead. It was so sweet to enjoy time with her after my first week of living out of my parents’ home.

When Dillon and I both returned home from the afternoon, we went on a date to our absolute favorite restaurant. In May they announced that they’re closing down at the end of June, so we are enjoying it while we can! We indulged in all three courses of dinner, getting hearty soups before our meal and sharing blueberry crisp after. It was the perfect ending to our first week married!

Things I Am Excited About For This Summer

Happy Summer, Y’all! I enjoyed a beautiful start to summer yesterday, with a sunny day in the high 70s. I work until 9pm on Wednesdays – which can be hard when the weather is beautiful – but I don’t mind as much when I get to enjoy my evening break outside. Now that we’ve celebrated our wedding and are getting settled into our apartment, I am so excited for summer! What better way to officially kick off summer than sharing what I am most excited about for this season? Enjoy!

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— Taking college coursework again: I start coursework a week from today toward a degree in graphic design! I’ve been out of school since December 2014, so I’m excited to continue learning!

— Reading Cultivate: My sweet friend Lara launches her newest book next week and it’s sure to be filled with words of wisdom and truth!

— Decorating our home: Especially bringing home our dining room table! We are grateful beyond measure with the wedding gifts we received. I’m especially looking forward to putting them to good use in our home.

— Investing in friendships: After months of being particularly busy, friendships are a priority for us both together and individually.

— Trips to the farmstand: There’s nothing like purchasing fresh corn on the cob from a local farm.

— Weekend Adventures: We used to take adventures every weekend when we started dating. We haven’t had much margin time to do this over the past couple months, so I’m eager to continue our tradition!

— Strawberry picking: Dillon loves fresh fruit. This will be a fun weekend day date that’s sure to yield yummy treats afterward!

— Visiting Martha’s Vineyard: I’ve never been to Cape Cod or Martha’s Vineyard before, but we found a fun little hotel that I’d really like to try! I’m hopeful that we will be able to make a weekend out of it this summer.

— Writing on my blog: Wedding planning took precedence over blogging for almost all of springtime. I am so thankful to have time to pour into this space again and share our adventures as a newlywed couple!

What are you most excited for this summer? Share what you’re looking forward to below!

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Making Design Choices for Our Home

Happy Wednesday, Y’all! I’ve lived in our apartment for less than two weeks but that short time has reawakened the interior designer in me. I’m feeling incredibly inspired! I am approaching the process of making design choices for our home as an opportunity to reflect our style as a couple. As we begin to purchase pieces for our home, I’m sharing my heart behind our design choices today!

Making Design Choices for Our Home - Kyla Mary

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I define my personal style as classic and polished, but not lacking personality. I prefer timeless pieces that have a touch of character. Dillon is drawn to styles that are both fun and functional. We’ll express these preferences in our home by building a foundation of neutral pieces and then adding our personality through decorative accents.

Wood Furniture  —Dillon and I look for pieces that are both timeless and well-made, marrying form with function. To make the most of our design budget, we plan to invest in classic furniture items, made of quality materials. For example, we found a beautiful wooden dining table from Pottery Barn on Craigslist that will anchor our space for years to come. We also invested in a pair of well-made pine nightstands for our bedroom. By choosing beautiful wood furniture, we’re making an investment in styles that will last.

White Essentials — To keep with our plans to invest in neutral pieces, we purchased white floor-length curtains for each room. This has made our spaces look brighter and open instead of giving each room a dominant color. We registered for classic white porcelain dishware, choosing a style we will still enjoy years down the road. We also chose a white quilt over a patterned duvet, with room to accent with pillows or a throw blanket. As we collect decorative pieces, I’m thankful to have a neutral foundation that won’t compete with fun pieces we find.

Meaningful Details — As we’ve considered expressing our personality in our home, we want our home to inspire others. We plan to do this by choosing fun decorative details and displaying scripture and uplifting words throughout our home. This will be a great way to have what matters most front and center each day! We also want to display photos of loved ones too, serving as a loving reminder of where we came from and those we love.

I’m excited to share an inside look into the process of decorating our home! Stay tuned over the next few months as I continue making design choices for our home and settling into our space.