Our Save the Dates from Minted

Last week, I shared a glimpse into our process of shopping for our save the dates from Minted. I’m excited to share our chosen design with y’all today!  The only part of the process that proved to be particularly difficult was deciding whether or not we were going to have professional photos taken to use within our design. We won a mini session with my super-talented friend, Annmarie, through a giveaway she did right before Christmas, but we chose to postpone due to an unexpected snow storm. Since we weren’t sure when we’d be able to reschedule and our calendars were packed with holiday festivities, we started to get creative with alternate photo ideas. We were pretty sure we were going to use this photo for a bit, but then we really liked this one that my mom took on Christmas Day. I then used some of my photoshop savvy to lighten it up and blur out the background and really like the way it came out. There’s something incredibly special about having a professional engagement session done with a talented photographer, but it’s okay to allow yourself the freedom to get creative if you’re pressed for time.

We ultimately chose the Autumn Pine foil-pressed design from Hooray Creative and I am so happy with how it turned out! We went with the petite size because I liked the idea of the save the date being smaller than the actual invitation. They’re also slightly less expensive which is great when you’re trying to make the most of your budget!

Helpful tip for current brides: Minted sends you a $50 credit if you sign up for a free wedding website with them. They also send you a $20 credit if you send any digital invitations (also free). I had utilized both of these features before knowing about the discounts, and they provided us with an amazing discount! I don’t know if there’s an expiration date for those offers, so take them with a grain of salt, but they were so helpful for us. They also give an additional discount if you choose the ‘express proof’ option, and another discount if you allow them to print the artist’s mark on the back of the design. We took advantage of both of these and I’m so glad that we did! We got all of our foil-pressed save the dates for less than $30, including shipping. That’s incredible, y’all!

I am so pleased with our save the dates and will probably still be swooning over the gold foil on our fiftieth anniversary some day!

My Winter Fun List (and a Printable!)

Winter in New Hampshire is distinctly frigid, snow-covered, and equally charming. While a huge part of me wishes to live in the South where the weather is currently in the 70s, winter here is beautiful. Last week I had a paid grown-up snow day (I didn’t know that was a thing!) and it was the best thing ever. There’s even more snow in the forecast today, which makes it the perfect day to share my winter fun list. Read through to the bottom for a fun printable to write your own list on, too!

Winter Fun List - Kyla MaryMy Winter Fun List

— buy a new wintry candle
— make and share valentines treats
— go for a walk while snow is falling
— visit Black Mountain Burger again with Dillon in the White Mountains
— watch a Bruins game with my dad
— visit my Auntie Dawn and share tea with her
— have (or attend) a campfire
— add a new blanket scarf to my collection of warm weather accessories
— visit the library
— host a gathering with a hot cocoa bar
— have a snowball fight
— buy a cute throw blanket for my desk
— make a snowman with Dillon (we’ve actually already done this one!)
— go ice skating outside
— attend a hockey game

What are some activities on your winter fun list? Comment below so we can inspire each other!

Get your winter fun list printable here.

Choosing Our Save the Dates from Minted

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m excited to share a look into the process of choosing our save the dates from Minted today. Choosing to send save the dates isn’t required by any means, but we knew we wanted to include this step. They’re a fun way to announce a wedding date more officially than by word of mouth. Some people like to pin them up on their fridge too, which is super fun.

While I’ve designed wedding stationery for quite a few dear friends, I knew pretty early on that I wanted to order our save the dates from Minted. I considered designing them myself and ordering them through an online printer, but Minted offers three things that I wouldn’t find (at such a great cost) by ordering my own design from a printer:

1. foil pressed options
2. free envelope addressing
3. high-quality photo printing

It can be incredibly costly to order custom foil designs because they require individual plates to be made. Minted has already implemented gold foil into several of their existing designs. This allows for the pretty look of foil without the expense of custom plates. Their envelope addressing service saved us lots of time too. We simply assembled the envelopes after our order was delivered and added our return addresses to the back. TIP: Take care to get all of your addresses early on. We were still collecting a handful of them when we placed our order and had to handwrite those envelopes instead. The handwritten look can be sweet, but I think the pretty envelope designs offered by Minted look so much more polished! Additionally, I was confident that their printing methods wouldn’t leave us looking inadvertently orange, as many discount printers can. They completely delivered!

I narrowed our options and presented Dillon with a handful of my favorites, shown below. From there I think the trickiest part was finding a picture that fit well into those designs. Scroll to the bottom to cast your vote on which option is your favorite!

save the dates from Minted - Kyla Mary

1. Love Letters by Wildfield Paper Co. 2. XOXO by Carolyn MacLaren 3. Autumn Foliage by Hooray Creative 4. Pretty Love by Christine Taylor 5. Stringed by Moglea 6. Fairyland by Phrosne Ras 7. Flow by Lehan Veenker

We had fun with choosing our save the dates from Minted and ultimately found a design that perfectly suits our style. Plus, it’s classic enough that it won’t clash with any other design choices we make in the rest of the planning process. I’ll share pictures of our chosen piece next week after we’ve had the chance to deliver them to our loved ones!

Which one is your favorite? They have so many great options!