We Got the Keys to Our Apartment!

Happy May, Friends! Things have been quiet here on the blog lately because life has been full in the best ways. We returned from a family vacation on Friday, with no internet access or work to be done. Our week of rest was a wonderful break from all the wedding and apartment projects we have been tackling since April.

One of the most exciting parts of coming home was getting the keys to our apartment yesterday! We spent the greater part of the evening cleaning our space and settling Dillon in, as he will be living there without me until June 10th. To prepare, I made my first ‘household staples’ Target run on Sunday evening to buy cleaning supplies and paper goods. I took great delight in choosing my favorite products and fragrances for our home! My mom cleaned the kitchen and bathroom yesterday and Dillon’s mom stocked the fridge full of essentials for him. I am continually blessed by the kindness of our loved ones in helping us start our life together.

slightly blurry but filled with excitement!

Our wedding is just 25 days away! With the final push of wedding projects, I am not sure of how much time I will have to post here before June 10th. I am excited to share little life updates as they unfold over the next few months though, so definitely stay tuned!

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