July 2017 Goals

Hooray! I am delighted to share my July 2017 goals with y’all! It has been a couple months since I have logged my goals here, and I’m already fired up about July. God set a fire in my heart in June. As I shared on Wednesday, I have been filled with so much vision since our wedding day.

Kyla Fetzner - July 2017 Goals

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My goals for July involve taking good care of myself, unifying with Dillon as a team, and further settling our home. I am so grateful to be able to make time for what matters most!

July 2017 Goals:

– pray daily for Dillon and for God’s vision for our family
– host two game nights in our apartment
– implement the envelope system
– change gyms
– hang truth on our walls
– finish The Magnolia Story
– create a chalkboard wall in our apartment
– read Cultivate
– begin weekly meetings with Dillon (inspired by this post)
– get into a routine with exercise
– honor my bedtime
– do daily core strengthening
– buy a dresser for our bedroom

What do y’all have planned for July? Share a few of your goals in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

An Unexpected Blessing of Marriage

Marriage is beautiful. I’ve shared 2.5 weeks alongside my best friend and it has been the greatest adventure of my life. I know Dillon well, but I’ve learned him even better in these past few weeks. Early in our relationship, I fell in love with his character and ambition, his heart for others, and his complete trust in God.

I have the privilege of sharing firsthand in his joy in the best moments and am spurred on by his faith in the trials. Since day one, he has been alongside me in my joys and sorrows too. He listens to my goals and speaks truth into my fears. He strengthens me at my weakest and challenges me to be my best. Thankfully, he always leaves so much room for my dreams, too.

Ruth Eileen Photography

Faith and vision fuel me every day. God has blessed me with beautiful, vivid dreams for my life – which is now our life together. After months of pouring ourselves into wedding and marriage prep, my creative well had started to feel dry. I was investing almost every ounce of creativity into making our day meaningful and intentional. While it was sweet and rewarding to see it all come together, I wondered when I’d get my usual measure of creativity back.

I found myself filled with so much vision since a few days after our wedding. When the excitement and exhaustion balanced itself out after our day, a refreshed vision took its place. I had always wondered what it’s like to bring your existing dreams and vision into a marriage. After all, you are taking two lives and unifying them into one. The unexpected blessing of it all is that Dillon has celebrated, spurred on, and contributed to my dreams and vision even more in marriage than before.

Dillon has his dreams too, and they are combining with my dreams to become our dreams together. Marrying him has only added to my vision. He encourages me to bring my dreams straight to God in every circumstance. My husband leaves plenty of room for my God-given vision, and for that I am so thankful!

If you are married, what unexpected blessing did you find early in marriage? Please share in the comments below –  I would be so grateful to learn from your wisdom!

My First Gel Manicure

I finally removed my first gel manicure this weekend and found the experience of having one noteworthy enough to share! I have heard the hype about gel manicures for a few years now. From the convenience of minimal drying time to the long-lasting durability, I now understand the reason why. For our wedding earlier this month, I almost went the traditional manicure route but my friends encouraged doing gel instead. Since I was wrapping up craft projects and creating my own bouquet later that same day, I decided to go for it to prevent mishaps with chipping. I’m so glad I did!

My primary concern was that I wouldn’t like the color after application – especially since gel is more difficult to remove. I wanted to have a soft, pale pink polish without it being too sheer. After having a few too many sheer manicures in that color family in the past, I was concerned that would happen with gel too. Thankfully, my friend Jenn and I took our time with choosing our desired colors, and I was confident with my choice! I chose the almost-white looking pale pink in the middle below.

my first gel manicure - kyla mary

I really enjoyed the relaxation of our appointment. After working nonstop on final wedding details, it felt indulgent to relax with Jenn during our appointment. It was fun to find out that the nail technician working on my hands is getting married in July!

Since this was my first gel manicure, I didn’t expect the warmth that came with the drying process. After each coat of polish, the nail technician would have me place my hands into an LED dryer. It got really hot, but it thankfully never became uncomfortable. The entire process took less than 45 minutes, leaving us with perfectly polished and dried nails. My mom met up with us at the end and paid for our manicures, which was such a generous surprise to wrap up our appointment!

My manicure looked great for a little over two weeks! The picture above shows it at the two week mark. I’m impressed with how long it has lasted, with very minimum wear and lifting. I will most definitely be treating myself to gel manicures more often and am thankful to have given them a try!

Have you ever tried a gel manicure? Share your experience in the comments below!