An Unexpected Blessing of Marriage

Marriage is beautiful. I’ve shared 2.5 weeks alongside my best friend and it has been the greatest adventure of my life. I know Dillon well, but I’ve learned him even better in these past few weeks. Early in our relationship, I fell in love with his character and ambition, his heart for others, and his complete trust in God.

I have the privilege of sharing firsthand in his joy in the best moments and am spurred on by his faith in the trials. Since day one, he has been alongside me in my joys and sorrows too. He listens to my goals and speaks truth into my fears. He strengthens me at my weakest and challenges me to be my best. Thankfully, he always leaves so much room for my dreams, too.

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Faith and vision fuel me every day. God has blessed me with beautiful, vivid dreams for my life – which is now our life together. After months of pouring ourselves into wedding and marriage prep, my creative well had started to feel dry. I was investing almost every ounce of creativity into making our day meaningful and intentional. While it was sweet and rewarding to see it all come together, I wondered when I’d get my usual measure of creativity back.

I found myself filled with so much vision since a few days after our wedding. When the excitement and exhaustion balanced itself out after our day, a refreshed vision took its place. I had always wondered what it’s like to bring your existing dreams and vision into a marriage. After all, you are taking two lives and unifying them into one. The unexpected blessing of it all is that Dillon has celebrated, spurred on, and contributed to my dreams and vision even more in marriage than before.

Dillon has his dreams too, and they are combining with my dreams to become our dreams together. Marrying him has only added to my vision. He encourages me to bring my dreams straight to God in every circumstance. My husband leaves plenty of room for my God-given vision, and for that I am so thankful!

If you are married, what unexpected blessing did you find early in marriage? Please share in the comments below –  I would be so grateful to learn from your wisdom!

4 thoughts on “An Unexpected Blessing of Marriage

  1. I found my personal strength.
    You see I was weak, misunderstood, abused, taken advantage of, silenced… until marriage.
    Ken and I have been together 25 years (18 married/23 living together). In our marriage we were blessed to find salvation together, get the courage to move away together, found a safe person to fight, cry, and be afraid with, create a family (that we raise the way we feel is best). We
    have compromised for each other. Forgiven one another. And so much more.
    All of this has given me strength.
    Strength to believe in myself and us.
    Strength to standup for what we believe.
    Strength to forgive hurts that occurs in marriage.
    Strength as a women, mom, wife, friend.
    Strength to love and allow myself to be loved.

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