Lessons from Our First Month of Marriage

Good gracious, y’all! We’ve been married for one month today! I am continually in awe of God’s faithfulness as I look back upon the story He has written for us. To celebrate, today I am sharing ten lessons from our first month of marriage. This certainly is not an exhaustive list, but they are the first that came to mind. Enjoy!

lessons from our first month of marriage

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Marriage is a daily opportunity to serve one another. Every day, there are a hundred ways for Dillon and I to serve each other. Whether it be through cleaning the kitchen (which he is doing right now as I type this) or making dinner so the other can relax, there are countless ways to show love through service.

God needs to be at the center of everything we do. Without God, we can easily become impatient, selfish, and short-sighted. By prayerfully putting God at the center, our eyes are opened to His grace. In that, we can pour His grace out onto one another.

Marriage is a gift to be stewarded well. I waited for Dillon for a long time. We each prayed for each other and lived in obedience to Christ as we waited to meet one another. In that, I often remember what a gift it is that God brought us together and that we have a holy responsibility to steward that gift well.  

We love our families deeply (and miss them so!). Family is deeply important to both of us. We have continued to make time for our sweet families over this past month. This has helped ease the transition of moving out quite a bit!

Sleeping next to Dillon is a lot easier than I anticipated.  I really expected to have a hard time sleeping next to somebody else, even if he’s my husband. Fortunately, I’ve slept pretty well almost every night!

Taking care of our home involves teamwork. Cleaning the kitchen, grocery shopping, laundry, sweeping the floors, budgeting, and more. I didn’t realize how much work it would be to have our own place! We are tag teaming it though, which helps quite a bit.

We need our own space – but not too much of it! From day 1, we’ve made it a point to each have our own time each day. It’s incredibly important to have quiet time to pour into hobbies and restful activities. I’m thankful we’ve honored this!

Forming a budget is challenging but unifying.  Thanks to Dave Ramsay and his Every Dollar tool, this has been made much simpler! We are using the envelope system and it’s been a great motivator so far.

There are no burned dinners in this house!  Long gone are the stereotypes of newlyweds eating burned dinners and spaghetti every night. I have taken great delight in planning out delicious healthy meals each week, and we’re huge fans! I’m excited to share some of my favorite recipes here soon in another recipe roundup.

Always make time for adventures. Enough said. I’m so excited for lifelong adventures shared together!

Married friends, what is one of the lessons you learned in your first month of marriage? Please share below!

6 thoughts on “Lessons from Our First Month of Marriage

  1. Hi hi hi I LOVED reading about your lessons from your first month of marriage! These are so wonderful & Important and it’s beautiful that you have realized these already in month 1. Now to the challenge of living them out daily. Our first month of marriage FLEW by (which happens when you get married during the holiday season.) I loved how easy it was to fall asleep next to Pai. I was so worried that I would have trouble sleeping, but we slept soundlessly our first night! He might have had more trouble sleeping with me since I’m a cover stealer . . .

  2. I came upon your blog from CultivateWhatMatters (we live in the same state!), so sweet! I have trouble sleeping when my husband is out late for whatever reason. I agree totally with serving one another. When we get all “tit for tat” it messes with good things in a bad way, and also assuming the best of one another has saved our marriage a few times. Sometimes things are said or done without evil intent, and just come across wrong. Good stuff! God bless!

  3. You have lots of great observations! One of my big surprises was that for us to be healthy persons and to have something to give to each other, we really did need that personal quiet time apart, to refresh and restore personally with God. I had thought we would do it all together, but sustainability also requires continued individual growth. So nearly 53 years later Carole and I are still learning and growing, and love each other more than ever! Norm Wright once wrote that healthy marriage is like two porcupines settling down for a frigid winter night’s sleep. They need the warmth, so they snuggle up close. Eventually a little too close and they prick each other. Then they move away, get cold, and ease in closer to that right place where they have a healthy balance of warmth and individuality.

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