I Earned a 100 on My First Graphic Design Assignment!

As I shared in this post last month, I resumed college coursework this month towards my BA in Graphic Design. My course began last week and y’all, I had to shake the dust off as I started my first graphic design assignment.

Two and half years have passed since I completed my first degree so it’s been a bit since I had homework. I planned ahead last week and completed the readings and preliminary assignment early. However, I didn’t complete my last weekly assignment until the last few hours before it was due last weekend. The prompt really stumped me! Our instructor asked us to come up with a business name for our own imaginative design business. She advised us to consider our ideal market – which for me would be small business and creative entrepreneurs in the South. The caveat was that the name couldn’t be our own name (which is good, because I have already staked claim over the business name ‘Kyla Mary’!) and it couldn’t be an existing business name.

my first graphic design assignment

I consulted this book in the process of brainstorming!

I originally planned to use ‘Hive and Harvest’ because I appreciate business names that follow the ‘Word and Word’ formula. The words sounded timeless and veered away from being trendy, which I liked. Sadly, that name was taken by an Australian honey company. In fact, my next several ideas were taken too!  It must be meant to be that I use my own name in real life. I ultimately came up with the name ‘Forage and Foundry’, which has a nice ring to it! We will be using this business name throughout the entire term, ultimately building our final project around it. I’m excited to share that I earned a 100 on the first assignment!

It’s tricky to take a foundational graphic design course after working as a professional designer for the past few years.  The content is pretty simple compared to what I’ve done, and the assignments are attached to a rubric. I’m used to working for myself and serving my clients without rules, but I am choosing to embrace this challenge. Ultimately, I am so thankful for the opportunity to take college coursework toward a degree in design! It is a huge blessing to be able to do this in a way that works for Dillon and I and our budget – I am truly blessed!

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