Our Little In-Home Crackling Campfire

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week has been absolutely one for the books – and it’s only Wednesday. It’s the busiest week of the year at my job with heaps of multitasking, something I am not particularly fond of. To help clear my mind after the long days, I’ve been using evenings to refresh my spirit.

Nature's Wick Candle

via Julie Blanner

One of my favorite ways to do this has been through a new Nature’s Wick candle I purchased last week. It was on clearance at Target and has the most-perfect early Fall scent. Read More

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Happy Monday, Friends! I don’t often blog in the morning, but I’m curled up with my coffee and have a few extra minutes before making breakfast. It is so chilly here in New Hampshire this morning – a mere 50 degrees! This weather has me thinking about my most favorite season: fall.

I’m delighted at all the early snippets of the glorious season cropping up all around! One of my favorite snippets of fall was delivered to our mailbox this weekend… the September issue of Southern Living. Oh happy day! Every corner of the issue is perfect. Firstly, Reese Witherspoon is gracing the cover in a classic Draper James dress she designed for the publication. Most importantly, beside her is the headline ‘it’s fall, y’all!’ to which my heart said a big ‘amen!’. That is of the most joyful statements to my ears.

September Issue of Southern Living

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The $15 Investment That Changed My Mornings

For the longest time, I have dreamed of being a morning person. I am thankful to say that day has come!

Mornings used to be a point of contention between myself and my goals. I had good intentions to start each day well. I envisioned waking up early every morning, having a hot cup of coffee, and leisurely reading my Bible. However, instead of waking up to savor that time, I would linger in bed and miss out on that. Fortunately, I found a solution earlier this year.

via Anthropologie

I did some research to find a coffee maker with a timer so I could prepare my coffee the night before instead of sleepily doing so at 6 am. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this little idea so I chose this very simple model for less than $20 at Target. Read More