The $15 Investment That Changed My Mornings

For the longest time, I have dreamed of being a morning person. I am thankful to say that day has come!

Mornings used to be a point of contention between myself and my goals. I had good intentions to start each day well. I envisioned waking up early every morning, having a hot cup of coffee, and leisurely reading my Bible. However, instead of waking up to savor that time, I would linger in bed and miss out on that. Fortunately, I found a solution earlier this year.

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I did some research to find a coffee maker with a timer so I could prepare my coffee the night before instead of sleepily doing so at 6 am. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this little idea so I chose this very simple model for less than $20 at Target. Dillon doesn’t drink coffee, so the size is perfect for me to make a cup or two each day. It has been a complete game changer!

Now, I look forward to my mornings. I know when I set my alarm the night before that my coffee will be ready at that time too. When morning comes, I can already smell the fresh coffee brewing and know that a cozy cup is mere steps away. I usually pour a cup, light my candle, and cozy up on the couch to start my day the way I used to only ‘think’ about – and I’m so glad! Sometimes the best improvements take simple action but yield an excellent payoff.

What is your favorite way to start the day? Share in the comments below!



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