August 2017 Goals

Happy August, Friends! This has been such a gentle summer here in New Hampshire, with temperatures in the 70s more days than I can count! As I write this, I have both windows open in our living room and there’s a lovely breeze passing right through. Mornings are my favorite, but weather like this makes them even better!

August 2017 Goals


July was a month of stepping out in growth. I gradually introduced running into my life and am loving every minute of it. Dillon and I successfully created and honored our first budget together – I’m so proud of us! I was given a public speaking opportunity at work and pressed into growth in a big way through it. I was blessed to have a virtual coffee date with my sweet friend Nancy and took so much wisdom away from her words. Dillon and I spent lots of time with family and friends while keeping our calendars from becoming chaotic. I started school again and have an A in my class. This past month was full and so good!

August 2017 Goals:

– wake up every weekday at 6am
– hang truth on our walls – this didn’t happen in July!
– continue with running intervals 3x/week
– begin blogging our wedding and the planning process!
– complete three workout videos each week
– finish Start, Cultivate, and Eat Move Sleep
– read The One Thing
– legally change my last name – Facebook doesn’t count!
– send all our wedding thank you notes
– borrow my friend’s DSLR camera and practice shooting manual
– replace my running shoes
– do daily core strengthening

What do y’all have planned for August? Share a few of your goals in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

6 thoughts on “August 2017 Goals

  1. Kyla, what a great list of goals! I’m heading back to school in August as well, so one of my biggest goals is to create a budget for the semester and stick to it. I’m also looking forward to seeing my friends and taking more classes, but I don’t want to let the workload and excitement make me “too busy” to enjoy quiet time. Finally, I want to keep progressing through my summer reading list and finish a few more books!

  2. Girl, I love reading your goals! They always give me so many great ideas. Can’t wait to hear what you think of The ONE Thing! Also, tell me how you learned about/are going to learn about shooting manually, because we have a nice camera but I just always use it on Auto! haha That’s been a goal of mine as well but not top priority… and I just don’t know where to start. 🙂

    1. Thank you Diana! I am planning to borrow a dear friend’s camera and do a little Googling to see what I can learn about lighting. I used to work as an assistant to a great photographer here in New England so I know a little bit about focusing, but I need lots of practice! 🙂

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