Our Little In-Home Crackling Campfire

Happy Wednesday, friends! This week has been absolutely one for the books – and it’s only Wednesday. It’s the busiest week of the year at my job with heaps of multitasking, something I am not particularly fond of. To help clear my mind after the long days, I’ve been using evenings to refresh my spirit.

Nature's Wick Candle

via Julie Blanner

One of my favorite ways to do this has been through a new Nature’s Wick candle I purchased last week. It was on clearance at Target and has the most-perfect early Fall scent. I’m loyal to the Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works, but this is quickly becoming a new favorite. It has a wood wick and truly does crackle like a campfire, right in our living room. It provides a delightful soundtrack to early morning reading time or late night blogging.

I have been burning it morning and night to savor the cozy sound. Dillon told me I’m going to run out of it so soon with how much I’ve been using it. At this rate, I will finish it before mid-September!

What is your favorite candle? Share below!


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