We Started Financial Peace University!

Oh happy day! We started Financial Peace University at our church last night and I am SO excited about it. Our sweet group facilitator read about my goal to attend FPU on this page and reached out to invite us to the class. Goodness, y’all – I am thankful for that! I believe God knew we needed a push in our busy season to make FPU a priority. It not only fits my 101 in 1001 goals but also #5 on my 2017 goals. I am really passionate about stewardship and see both time and money as valuable commodities to spend wisely. I am excited to increase our financial literacy and learn about saving and investing through Financial Peace University this fall!

Financial Peace University - Live like no one else

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Our Wedding Ceremony (Part 2)

Once I walked down the aisle (read part 1 of our wedding ceremony here), I got to join hands with Dillon. He looked dapper as ever and I remember thinking how I am the most blessed girl in the world that he would soon be my husband. Fafa began by having us turn toward our guests and pray a blessing over them for the role they have each played in our lives. I felt so much joy looking out at our guests, and seeing the smiling face of each person who had traveled to celebrate us.

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Our Wedding Ceremony

Reflecting on our day, our wedding ceremony was the most sacred, worshipful, and thoughtfully-planned part of our day – for good reason! This was the very part where we promised to forever love and build each other up into the people God created us to be. Everyone gathered in the same place, wholly focused on why we were there – such a gift! I’m thankful for every moment of our ceremony, and am excited to share the details of it with you today!

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