Friday No. 9

Happy fall, friends! I woke up a bit before my alarm this morning to a crisp September morning. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! While the days are getting shorter, there’s something lovely to getting up before the sun to start the day well. I poured myself a cup of coffee (I’ve been adding a dash of cinnamon to the grounds – yum!) and cozied up beneath a blanket on our couch. This month has been pretty busy between working full-time and being a full-time student. It’s about time for another Friday post!

1. Dillon and I both go into work later on Thursdays, so yesterday we took advantage of the morning to share a smoothie date. Since the cafe was within walking distance to my office, we walked me to work while we enjoyed our smoothies and it was the perfect start to the day! I ultimately hit 10,000 steps yesterday too so it was a win-win.

2.  I’m taking full-time classes for the first time in 4+ years and have been loving the material this term! I’m taking a design course and a social media course, both of which have been quite fun. The Ipad has been getting lots of mileage as I read my electronic course materials.

3. Bath and Body Works is offering $10 of their 3-wick candles! I plan to pick up a couple (dozen) Leaves candles to further bring fall festivity into our apartment. They are my absolute favorite!

4. I like to make birthdays a big deal, and Dillon’s was on Monday! It was a blast picking out some fun decorations at Target and surprising him with them after his race last weekend. While likely intended for kids, their Spritz decorations are SO fun.

5. I took some time earlier this week to do my very first fall manicure in Essie’s A-List. I’m such a fan of polished nails, especially after weeks without a manicure to grace my fingertips!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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Happy Birthday, Dillon!

Happy Birthday, Dillon! You are my best friend and the love of my life. You are my answered prayer and a daily example of grace.  You are kind and humble, strong and joyful. I am incredibly proud of you for the man you are and the man God is shaping you to be.

Ruth Eileen Photography

I am so excited to see that God has in store for you – and for us – in this next year! Here’s to countless adventures, tacos on Tuesday nights, building new traditions, setting and reaching our goals, and becoming better people than we are today. You are the best teammate I could have ever asked for, and far better than I ever hoped for. I love you deeply, Dillon!

Snippets from 3 Months of Marriage

Happy Monday, Friends! Yesterday marked three months since our wedding day. Three months! It’s incredible how much has changed and stayed the same all at once. To mark this sweet season in our lives, I am sharing gathered snippets from our first 3 months of marriage. Enjoy!

  1. Ice cream date
  2. Trying Plated meal delivery
  3. The first time I saw my new name written out in daily life
  4. Riding a moped along the coast of Maine during family vacation
  5. Dillon in a dunk tank for a children’s ministry summer event
  6. Starbucks and library date
  7. Visiting the airport to watch planes
  8. Relaxing on the beach during the sunniest day
  9. Dillon after the dunk tank from #5
  10. Date night to one of our favorite restaurants
  11. With my Grammy and Tappy after a family party
  12. Spending time with Dillon’s youngest sister during family vacation
  13. My dad’s birthday
  14. The day after our wedding
  15. Sharing a banana split at the diner
  16. Coming home from each of our late nights at work wearing our ‘practical’ backpacks
  17. Shopping for pieces for our home
  18. Being silly as we opened our pile of wedding gifts
  19. Visiting the local farm stand
  20. Buying supplies to start our envelope system
  21. Trying our first night of Plated
  22. Having ice cream at the beach
  23. Beating the August heat in the shade of a barn
  24. Game night
  25. Cooking break
  26. Soaking up Sunday sun on the beach
  27. Family vacation
  28. 4th of July