Friday No. 12

1.  Dillon and I had a breakfast date to Cracker Barrel on Friday afternoon, followed by a trip to the pumpkin stand! I picked up a maple lollipop for the ride home and it was SO good. I love fall in New England!

2. My sweet friend Lara and her team at Cultivate What Matters launched the 2018 PowerSheets this week! Purchase yours here and read more about how I use them here.

3. Dillon and I started a sugar fast on Sunday and it has been going very well! I am going to share a post next week about the foods I’ve been preparing to kept us from feeling deprived. They’ve been a huge game changer!

4. I am working on a very special project and have been so inspired lately! I made a vision board on Wednesday to guide the direction of my project and it got me all fired up about what’s to come.


5. My friend Jess launched her new book this week! I got to work with her while interning for the Influence Network in 2015 and she has such a heart for the Lord. I’m excited to pick up my copy!


What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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