Friday No. 10

1.  I made applesauce pancakes as a fun, festive fall lunch on Saturday afternoon and they were SO good. Using a recipe from a Google search and a recipe from the current issue of the Magnolia Journal, we enjoyed fluffy, cozy pancakes with real maple syrup. Yum!

2. I have been loving my new computer! Read more about how my husband surprised me with this last weekend here.

3. After much searching, shopping, and being incredibly selective, we now have new throw pillows for our living room! I ended up purchasing these ones from Everyday Occasions in the 22″ size and we are big fans! (Photo below from their shop)

4. I have consistently hit 10,000 steps five days in a row and also five days last week! I’m now incredibly motivated to hit 10K every day in October.

5. One of my favorite weekly traditions is our Friday night family dinners at Dillon’s family home. Last week we sat outside in their pavilion (where we had our wedding reception!) and enjoyed the warmth of the fire well into the evening. Hooray for slowing down!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Friday No. 10

  1. Never had applesauce pancakes, but they do look delicious. Will have to Google the recipe. This weekend I’m working on finishing up my son’s train blanket for his new room as well as making my first batch of fall chili.

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