My Husband Bought My Dream Computer For Me!

Y’all, I don’t know if there are enough words in the world to cover the gratitude I have for my husband. I looked at him on Sunday morning and shared a realization I recently had about our marriage: My life looks more like the life I’ve dreamed of now, and I am better able to achieve my goals since marrying him. Before marriage, I didn’t have a clue of how to take your dreams and combine them with some else’s forever. That scared me a bit because I have lots of goals for myself and the direction of my life. When ‘my’ life became ‘our’ life in June, I knew that our goals and dreams would become a team effort in some ways as well. But never did I expect the ways Dillon has helped me to elevate my dreams in the past few months.

Those closest to me know that one of my biggest dreams in life is to own a creative business. I’ve considered graphic design, photography, event planning, and interior design. I used to limit that to strictly graphic design. God has since opened my eyes to the many opportunities I have to work creatively in other ways, too. I plan to hone in on one speciality instead of trying to do everything, but right now I’m simply exploring the different possibilities. In it all, creativity is the common thread that runs right through. And with that came the need for a better computer.

Try as it might, my little 13″ Macbook Pro from 2012 could not keep up with my design work. The Adobe suite would cause it to crash weekly and projects took ten times longer than they should. I became increasingly frustrated at the limitations of my device. I’m proud of myself for that little computer, as it was the biggest investment I’d ever personally made at age 20, but I had purchased the simplest model I could at the time. There was hardly any memory, any RAM (whatever that means y’all), and the screen was teeny-tiny for a designer. I actually had points deducted from an assignment because the resolution was poor when viewed on larger screens (#awkward).

Dillon watched me try to make that computer work. However, he knew the possibilities that would open up for me if I had access to a better one. Little did I know, he was quietly saving up money to purchase one for me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but he was picking up extra hours where he could to save up. On Saturday, he had me close my eyes while he brought in my new computer and set it up at our kitchen table. Before I could open my eyes, he told me that he believes in me and wants to help me achieve my dreams. I opened my eyes to see a 27″ iMac in all of it’s perfect glory.

Instead of simply buying an old model, he saved up to buy one with the best performance specifications available. He said that he wanted to make sure that it was built for the work I’ll use it for. Y’all, I don’t want to stop playing with it! I want to create all the things and put it to the best use I can. I am so, so thankful for his heart in making this happen for me. After waiting five years for this computer, I now appreciate the patience and story behind it more than ever.

3 thoughts on “My Husband Bought My Dream Computer For Me!

  1. This is the sweetest!!! I love that he saved up and completely surprised you. That’s something you will always remember. Congratulations on your new beauty!! So many amazing creations will come out of it from you!

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