Our First Married Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was so special this year! It marked our first married holiday and was filled with so many good things. On Wednesday night, we went over my parents’ home for our annual viewing of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. My mom had us each pick a favorite snack and she stocked up on each one. My selection was jalapeño poppers, which I’ve been such a fan of since I first had them at a local restaurant earlier this fall.

Before the movie began, my brother’s girlfriend and I created a Thanksgiving food bracket, March Madness style. The winner was Grammy’s meat stuffing, with mashed potatoes in a close second.

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Running My First 5K

I can hardly believe I’m typing a post about running my first 5K, y’all. I’m just so grateful! My journey with running has been long and arduous. Yet the process has been so sweet has the same time. I have always dreamed of running a 5K, but was too daunted and wrote it off. But the thing is, I actually enjoy running. A lot. I know many people cannot stand to run and prefer other forms of exercise. But I love the feeling of fresh air on my skin, the rhythm of my steps, and taking in the scenery as I pass by. I really enjoy running in the afternoon too as the sun is low in the sky and everything looks golden and warm. I also see running as an incredible gift, which changes my perspective entirely!

All that to say, running my first 5K is quite the milestone for me! It’s a mile marker of how far I’ve come, and also an encouragement to me of what I am capable of doing. Much like my first hike, I decided to just go for it as soon as I believed I was able. When I woke up on Thursday morning, I thought about how the weather was perfect for the Turkey Trot taking place at 9 that day. Earlier this fall, I had considered signing up for it to have a date to work toward on the calendar. Instead, I just kind of let it slip away out of fear. But when I sipped my coffee Thursday morning with the sun streaming in, I decided to go for it.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! To have an entire day dedicated to thankfulness and family is so sweet. I am most excited to hug all of our loved ones and pile my plate high with Grammy’s homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, and a buttered Hawaiian roll. Confession: I like the side dishes way more than turkey or pie!

Thankfully, the holiday celebrations began early for me this year. On Saturday, I got to watch my parents serve a warm Thanksgiving dinner to our neighbors at our church’s annual One Day of Thanks. It was such a gift to watch them thrive in sharing the love of God with others. They are both incredibly gifted with having extraordinary hearts for others. My heart was filled watching them talk and laugh and pray with strangers-turned-friends.

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