Hosting Our First Friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I am so excited that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. On Saturday, we hosted our first Friendsgiving. It was such a treat to fill our home to the brim with loved ones and great food! It also completely shifted my perspective on hospitality and making the most of what you have. I am so glad we decided to open our home and make Friendsgiving happen!


Our Heart Behind It
At the beginning of the month, I was thinking about holiday traditions and our heart for people. The summer and early fall were so incredibly full for us that we began to really miss being regularly surrounded with community. The idea of hosting friendsgiving seemed like a perfect way to start a tradition and host a big, everyone-is-invited party! At first, I almost wrote it off as too much work and wondered if our friends would be too busy to come! The excuses can so easily pile up. But instead of making excuses, we decided to go for it. We invited more friends than we had space for, and I’m so glad we did.

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A Home Made With Love

Contentment and gratitude are so sweet. In the age of social media, filters, catalogs, and online shopping, it is easy to compare my life to lives of others. I am daily met with flashy offers claiming to have the next best thing – as if my dream life can be bought.

We live in a tiny apartment. Our pedestal table hardly fits our dining nook. We have 3 feet of counter space in the kitchen and minimal storage for food, linens, cleaning supplies, and basics. Half the bulbs in our dining light fixture are perpetually out, regardless of how many times we buy a new pack from Target. The pipes squeal when our upstairs neighbor runs their shower, and our heating system creaks through the night. But it’s our very first home.

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