Thinking Back on My Creative Journey and Business Dreaming

I am so thankful, y’all. I’m sitting at my new desk beside our first Christmas tree, with a sweet cinnamon candle flickering beside me. There’s still a little bit of coffee in my Make It Happen mug and I’m savoring every last drop – even if it’s gone cold. Nature’s confetti (snow) is falling outside. I set my tomato timer to give myself a few minutes to write this post because I want to remember this time in my life.

Sitting here by the tree, writing and dreaming at Christmastime, is such a sweet and familiar feeling for me. In 2013, I was designing Etsy prints and learning Illustrator by the tree. 1 year later, I was pulling together wedding inspiration boards and dreaming of a life in the South.  Every December marks the anniversary of when I began my blog, too. Now, 4 years later, I am defining a dream that ties all the previous pieces together in a beautiful way. I think it’s fitting to share some snippets of the past four, sweet years of my creative journey too!

2013: first learning graphic design / my first blog / the very first prints I sold on Etsy / my first ‘studio’ 

This particular season has been beautifully marked with planting seeds for my own business. I have been working hard each day to write my business plan, craft my new website, and dig deep in my heart to build this all upon the vision I have in my heart. There has been much prayer, reading, and waiting. So much waiting. The best laid plans are those that come from surrendered trust in God.

2014: changing my blog name to Kyla Mary / updated workspace / first workflow / selling monograms on Etsy

I’ve been dreaming of business ownership for four years now. At the start of 2014, I decided that I would either build a business of my own someday, or move to Raleigh and do everything I could to work for Southern Weddings Magazine. I knew for certain that I wanted to dedicate my days to work that matters, that impacts lives, and that brings light to my life. I’ve gone back and forth for four years about those very options and came the closest ever to pursuing SW earlier this year, but the timing for a move to North Carolina was not right in our season of engagement.

2015: designing a stationery collection / my then-workspace / first branding project / Influence Network internship

Fast forward to the start of our marriage earlier this year: God set a fire in my heart to build. Build a dream, plan, and foundation for a business. I would stay up too late and wake up with the sun to work on my dream in the wee hours around my full time job. Part of me wanted to create something instantly, but I knew deep down that I still didn’t have my thing. My specialty. My service. I didn’t know how my business would serve others, I just knew the values I wanted to build it upon. Very recently, I finally had a crystal clear picture of what my business will be.

2016-2017: last workspace in my parents’ home / attending MTH / learning photography / getting my dream computer

My fingers have been typing a mile a minute every since, and I am so excited to share more with you all so soon! It’s not graphic design, and it’s not photography. Instead, it beautifully incorporates everything I’ve done creatively to this point, and it makes sense. It fits all the pieces like a beautiful puzzle, and I am joyful with anticipation of what God is going to do with this business plan of mine.

Stay tuned sweet friends, and thank you for following along with me! If you’d like to be the first to know about my upcoming launch, I invite you to subscribe below!

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Back on My Creative Journey and Business Dreaming

  1. Kyla, I am so inspired by you! What a blessing it was to cross paths at MTH last year. Ever since, my feed has been filled with incredible people doing little and big things with faithfulness. You have no idea what an encouragement it is to read your words about your journey, and realize that the questioning and waiting is completely normal and all part of the plan. The Lord is using you mightily already, and I can’t wait to see what’s next in your story! Cheering you on from Big Stone Gap, Virginia!

    1. This comment blesses my heart so much Tabitha! Thank you for taking time to reach out and share your encouraging words! I am excited to see what’s next in YOUR story too! 🙂

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