December 2017 Goals

Happy December, Friends! The holiday season is underway and it seems there is festivity on every corner. I am so excited to savor our first married holiday season by establishing traditions and giving back to others. Our calendar is filled with fun, including seeing the Pentatonix in Boston and a few Christmas parties – there is so much to look forward to! Our church is hosting a huge Christmas service on the 22nd at the largest building in the state (local friends, you are invited!) and there are so many opportunities for quality family time. I love this season!

december 2017 goals

Rather than set lofty goals for December, I set goals that focus on the meaning of the season. There are also a few smaller goals that serve as a continuation for some projects and pursuits I’ve had this fall, to wrap up the year well. I am looking so forward to setting my 2018 goals and preparing for the new year throughout the month instead of scrambling in the last week of December. 

November Goals in Review

– start a jar filled with little memories, inspired by this post
– buy a new NLT Bible (I’m holding off on this and using the NIV Bible I already have)
– make time for a weekly date night
– begin taking my vitamin again daily (vitamin D, y’all)
– find ten items around our home to sell online so we can invest that money back in tackling our student loans
– finish changing my last name
– do one portrait session per week as I continue to develop my photography skills
– go for a two mile walk or run five days per week (This proved to be a challenge as the weather got much cooler, but I ran my first 5K so I could that a huge win!)
– host friends in our home once per week for dinner, dessert, or a game night (This was not an every week occurrence, but we hosted Friendsgiving and it was amazing!)
– be in bed, screen free, by 10:30 on weeknights
– think about holiday traditions to start in our family and choose some with Dillon

December 2017 Goals:

– write down prayers in a visible place in our home
– launch my new website
– make Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning
– read Entreleadership
– keep a Christ-centered focus through daily Advent readings (I plan to use She Reads Truth, starting Sunday!)
– prayerfully set 2018 goals, starting with PowerSheets Prep Week on Monday!
– bake cookies for our neighbors
– enjoy our second-annual Christmas light tour with Dillon’s sisters
– be His hands and feet to someone each week, praying for eyes to see need around us and meeting those needs


What do y’all have planned for December? Share a few of your goals in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

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