Clean Eating Tips From My Sugar Fast

I have been on a modified sugar fast for the past ten days and it has been pretty successful! With our family vacation next week and our wedding a month after that, I am determined to eat well in preparation. When I shared this with one of my dear friends earlier this month, she offered to be my accountability partner in eating clean. We started our modified sugar fast on April 17th, taking last Saturday off to enjoy all the delicious treats at my bridal shower.

My original plan was to cut out all sugar, starches, and dairy, but I have since made a slight modification to my approach. In the past week, I have incorporated sparing amounts of whole grains and cheese. This has helped me to avoid feeling deprived, while still staying on track with progress. I have found some clean eating tips to be particularly helpful throughout this process and am excited to share them with y’all today!

Clean Eating Tips from My Sugar Fast

— Make a big batch of caramelized onions and keep them on hand to add to any and all meals! I have tossed these into salads and omelets almost every day for their savory flavor!

— Stock up on a variety of greens. I have kept a big container of spinach on hand, along with a bag each of spring mix and chopped romaine. The spinach is great for sautéing or tossing into smoothies, and the other two are a great base for salads. I like greens for their source of iron, and the beautiful benefit to my skin!

— Buy a flavorful hummus (or three!). My favorite lunch to make this week has been the Heavenly Hummus Wrap from Pioneer Woman. I’ve been using the smooth garlic hummus from Trader Joes and am such a fan of its flavor!

— Choose a fun seltzer flavor and keep it on hand for an afternoon treat. I picked up a box of the ginger peach seltzer from Target last weekend, served in fun slim cans! Sipping seltzer in the afternoon has helped me to feel like I’m indulging in something sweet, without any of the caloric cost. The bubbles also help my stomach to feel full between meals, a win-win!

— Keep a Think Thin bars on hand throughout the day. I have tossed one of these into my bag every morning, as they especially provide me with a protein-packed afternoon snack. This also makes a great go-to during errands or unexpected car trips. My favorite flavors are brownie crunch and smooth peanut butter.

Through this sugar fast, I have found myself to have more energy, less cravings, and my clothes are fitting better! I plan to continue implementing these clean eating tips after the sugar fast is over to continue these lovely benefits.

What are your favorite clean eating tips? Please share in the comments below!

Makeup Products I’ve Used for 3+ Years

I went through a makeup phase from my senior year of high school through the first two years of my twenties. With much thanks to the era of Youtube beauty videos, I used to make frequent trips to Target, Ulta, and Sephora to add to my ever-increasing collection of makeup products. I tried all kinds of products in an effort to find my favorites, spending a fortune in the process. This expensive habit became burdensome as I settled into my first full-time job and had to be out the door by seven. As a result, I saw the value of having an uncomplicated makeup routine that requires very little decision making in the morning.

Kyla Mary - Makeup Products I've Used for 3+ Years

via Parris Chic Boutique

Rather than continuing the search for new makeup products, there are several I’ve continued to purchase year after year since then. I combine a balance of drugstore products with their higher-end counterparts. This gives me the look I like while still honoring my budget. I prefer to invest in high-end products for my face and eyeshadow and cut costs by buying drugstore for lips, mascara, and liner. This works well for me because the latter tend to need to be replaced more often anyway. The following makeup products are the pieces I would purchase if given $100 to start my makeup collection from scratch, with the addition of a drugstore mascara like this one.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation
The price tag on this foundation might seem outrageous to some, but it’s quite reasonable compared to others on the market. I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything on my face with this foundation. It blends beautifully into the skin and stays put all day, even in the heat of summer. I first bought this before an August trip to NYC and my face still looked decent at the end of a 98-degree day spent walking around the city. Using since August 2013

Bare Escentuals All Over Face Color in Warmth
I started using this product when I was seventeen and have never turned back. I learned how to apply it through the DVD that came with the starter collection, and in true Throwback Thursday fashion I found the clip here. Warmth can be used year-round, using a light application in the winter and building the intensity as needed in the summer. Using since May 2009

Mac Paint Pot in Painterly
I first purchased this to replace my stronger eye primer, as I go without eyeshadow most days. I have fairly thin eyelids and prefer to balance out the darkness of the little capillaries that show through. This product is very versatile, as it can be worn beneath shadow or entirely on its own. I recently replaced this product with a slightly more yellow shade, Soft Ochre, and am equally pleased with the result. Using since January 2013

Loreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eye Liner in Earthen Rock Brown
To this day, I don’t know how to properly apply eyeliner pencil. I’ve tried many times but find it to be fussy and uneven. This has been my go-to liquid liner since high school when my dear friend Amanda sung its praises. I was frustrated with how easily other eyeliners would smudge off throughout the day. She explained that this stays on until you wash it off. Y’all, that’s the truth! The only downside to this liner is that I never see it in brown at Target or Ulta. Even so, it’s easy to order through Amazon as needed. Using since December 2009

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Adore and Honey
Much like eyeliner, I don’t like fussy products. I used to strictly wear lipgloss but shied away because I don’t like the sticky feeling. I tried lipsticks but didn’t like how drying they felt or the way they have to be reapplied often. Enter the Kissable Balm Stain. These are well-pigmented, add a bit of moisture, and leave a pretty stain behind as they wear off. I almost exclusively use Adore on my lips but would like to try other lip products at some point. In the meantime, the soft classic red works great for me! Using since October 2012

What are your go-to makeup products? Share in the comments below!

Noonday Favorites

Yesterday I got to share the afternoon with some of my dear friends, sipping sangria and perusing lovely pieces at a Noonday trunk show. I love the purpose behind the company and how it makes way for intentional purchases that have a positive impact on others. Here are some of my favorite selections from their current offerings. It seems I have a thing for simple silver and gold pieces, and blush details. 🙂

Clockwise from the top left: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Do you have any favorite shops or brands that purpose to benefit others through the purchases made? If so, please share below. I would love to check them out!