25th Birthday Recap

This year was one of my favorite birthdays yet. This is my first birthday that’s fallen on a workday since 2013, and I’d wondered if that would put on a damper on the festivity. Instead, it only made it better! My favorite thing about my 25th birthday was that it was an ordinary day filled with so much extraordinary kindness from those around me. I was showered with my favorite things from the moment I woke up until I went to bed that night, and I’m so grateful for it!

I technically started my birthday celebrations on Sunday with an afternoon of antiquing and good food with my dear friend Tara. She treated me to lunch at a charming little cafe in Peterborough and then we visited my favorite antique shop, Twin Elm Farm. It was so fun to keep Dillon and I’s future home in mind as we looked around. After we shopped for a bit, we went back to split a slice of cake and sip on cappuccino and tea. It was a delightful start to the week!

My actual birthday fell right in the middle of the week, on Wednesday. I go into work around noon on Wednesdays, so I got to start the day by sleeping in a little later than usual. Dillon came over shortly after I woke up and brought me a smiley fruit plate to enjoy in my pajamas.

I threw on a comfy sweater and we headed to Cracker Barrel for breakfast, my delightfully Southern request for the morning. We enjoyed a slow, relaxing breakfast and filled up on hash brown casserole, biscuits, and apple butter. As always, I was delighted by the cozy atmosphere, the country music, and the fun decorations.

We walked through the gift shop after breakfast and I was delighted to find Cheerwine on one of the shelves. It always reminds me of my sweet trip to the Southern Weddings V7 Launch Party a couple years ago, which makes me really happy! I enjoyed looking at all the fun little items they had for sale, and found a precious little chicken that Dillon bought for me to keep on my desk at work.

After breakfast, we headed back to my house so I could get ready for work. Dillon dropped me off that day so we could enjoy the drive together and so he could meet my team and see my workspace. When I arrived, my desk was covered with streamers, balloons, and homemade decorations from my team. It was the sweetest surprise!

I settled in and put my new little chicken beside my computer, then settled in for my shift. It was such a fun time to have everyone come by and say happy birthday, while enjoying little sweet treats.

After work, Dillon picked me up and we drove back to my house with the windows down because it was sixty degrees – such a treat for a March evening! We enjoyed one of my favorite pasta dishes that my mom makes and watched the latest episode of Life in Pieces, a show that we recently introduced to Dillon.

We finished the day off with my favorite birthday tradition: whoopie pies and cold milk! I snuck a few leftover bites last night as I polished off this post and enjoyed every bit of it! I think twenty-five is going to be my favorite age yet, y’all!

Do you have any birthday traditions? Please share in the comments below!

Friday No. 7

1. While I don’t regularly follow football, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl this weekend, which is really exciting here in NH!  This picture of Martellus Bennett dancing after the AFC championship last Sunday is my favorite (source – view the clip here). There is a buzz in the air among New Englanders, with Super Bowl party prep in full swing. My work is having a ‘wear your Patriots gear’ to work day today so I’m wearing a cute new navy tunic from Kohl’s with gray leggings. Go Patriots! 

2. I made some fresh fruit salsa and cinnamon chips for a work party yesterday and they were such a hit! I had planned to make the salsa ahead of time and purchase some Stacey’s cinnamon pita chips to pair with it, but the grocery store was out so I made my own. When I was on my way out for the night, I realized that one of my coworkers had come by my desk while I was on a call and taken the chips to his desk to snack on with other people from the floor, and people were asking for the recipe – surely a crowd pleaser! The recipe for both can be found here (I swapped the kiwis for a mango and used strawberry preserves).

3. On a recent Saturday morning, I treated myself by going out for breakfast at one of my favorite local cafes. I brought my laptop and notebook and ended up getting some blog posts written and made a shopping list for the week ahead, which helped me feel prepared and rested for the remainder of the weekend. It was such a treat to enjoy a scrumptious sandwich, enjoy quiet time, and do some weekly prep at the start of the weekend. I highly recommend carving out time for such things!

4. Dillon and I have been taking care to balance the weeks we go out for date night and those in which we stay in. It helps us get creative with new meal ideas and honor our budget at the same time. For one of our ‘staying in for dinner’ dates, we enjoyed taco salad with his family and then went out afterward for an evening drive to talk and enjoy quality time, just us. We ended up making an impromptu trip to a local diner and split a milkshake, and we left a 100% tip which was SO fun. It’s such a joy to bless others, and we had such a great time doing something so simple and inexpensive. Shown above, we were trying to put straws together to make one long one. We are five years old sometimes and I love it!

5. A couple weeks into January, Dillon and I spotted Christmas lights during our date night. While many people do not approve of Christmas décor after New Years, I asked Dillon to pull over so we could take a moment to savor the remaining twinkly lights. White string lights are my favorite and I plan to string them around my workspace to add warmth and cheer once I can pick up a new strand from Target!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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My Winter Fun List (and a Printable!)

Winter in New Hampshire is distinctly frigid, snow-covered, and equally charming. While a huge part of me wishes to live in the South where the weather is currently in the 70s, winter here is beautiful. Last week I had a paid grown-up snow day (I didn’t know that was a thing!) and it was the best thing ever. There’s even more snow in the forecast today, which makes it the perfect day to share my winter fun list. Read through to the bottom for a fun printable to write your own list on, too!

Winter Fun List - Kyla MaryMy Winter Fun List

— buy a new wintry candle
— make and share valentines treats
— go for a walk while snow is falling
— visit Black Mountain Burger again with Dillon in the White Mountains
— watch a Bruins game with my dad
— visit my Auntie Dawn and share tea with her
— have (or attend) a campfire
— add a new blanket scarf to my collection of warm weather accessories
— visit the library
— host a gathering with a hot cocoa bar
— have a snowball fight
— buy a cute throw blanket for my desk
— make a snowman with Dillon (we’ve actually already done this one!)
— go ice skating outside
— attend a hockey game

What are some activities on your winter fun list? Comment below so we can inspire each other!

Get your winter fun list printable here.