Friday No. 14

1. I saw this canvas from Lindsey Letters on Instagram earlier this week and am swooning. Her work is beautiful! I would love to add this to our collection of Christmas decorations.

2. I saw this scarf in my virtual travels and am hoping to scoop it up for winter!

3. We had such a fun date night last weekend, including a spicy combo from Chik-fil-a with lemonade and seeing a Christmas movie in theaters (Daddy’s Home 2, so funny!).

4. With winter just around the corner, I want to make this healthy pumpkin bread this weekend to squeeze more fall out of November!

5. We got our first red cups of the season this week during their buy one get one free promotion! Egg nog lattes all the way y’all.

What are y’all up to this weekend? Share in the comments below!

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Financial Peace and an Exciting Life Update!

Good morning, friends! It’s a little after 7 and the sunrise is beautiful this morning. I’m cozied up with my favorite quilt and my warm cup of coffee and this Christmas playlist in the background. Life has just been so sweet lately.

Yesterday was such a good day. I finally changed my last name to Shattuck at the DMV, bank, and leasing office for our apartment (woohoo!). I’ve also begun transitioning my email to my new last name slowly but surely! After I got home from the name change, I got moving on a broken light fixture in our bathroom that we have patiently tolerated since summer. Then I updated our home filing system and put away random papers that had yet to be properly filed. Y’all, productivity came in heaps yesterday!

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Happy Veteran’s Day!


Ruth Eileen Photography

This is my Tappy. He is 79 years old and a retired Airman. He is a strong, wise, loving example of hard work, serving others, integrity, and most importantly: God’s love. He is one of my best friends and I love visiting him and having coffee (he makes the best!), listening to his favorite music, and laughing with him. Pictured above is the day of my wedding, as we ate chicken wings together right before I put on my wedding gown. It meant the world to me to create a special memory with him on my most special day. He has lived a very full life, having been stationed in Cape Cod, Long Island, Mississippi, North Dakota, Alaska, Japan, Thailand, and ultimately New Hampshire in the late seventies. He enjoys the simple things, never owning a computer and keeping a worn Bible as his most-read book. He has loved Grammy so well for 58 years and is such a role model to me, encouraging me to seek God’s hand in all things and to work hard. I love you Tappy! With a huge thank you to all of the men and women who have served our country, Happy Veterans Day!