October 2017 Goals

Happy October, Friends! The air is crisp, everything smells like apple and pumpkin, and it is the loveliest. I am so incredibly excited for October and all of the good things it brings!

October 2017 Goals - Magnolia They Broke Bread

Joanna Gaines

Y’all, September was beautiful and challenging all at once. Lots of changes happened at work and I started to feel the weight of my twice a week evening shifts. I spent a lot of the month considering where my time is going now compared to where I would like it to go. Dillon and I talked a lot about balance and our desire to have community in our lives and home. In that, I noticed a gaping hole of the things that matter in my schedule. A dear friend challenged me to look at how I’m spending the 24 hours in my day and it has led me to lots of prayer for guidance. I want to do things that bring light and joy to my heart and to our marriage. I’m not sure what that looks like yet but I have some great ideas about it!Read More

We Started Financial Peace University!

Oh happy day! We started Financial Peace University at our church last night and I am SO excited about it. Our sweet group facilitator read about my goal to attend FPU on this page and reached out to invite us to the class. Goodness, y’all – I am thankful for that! I believe God knew we needed a push in our busy season to make FPU a priority. It not only fits my 101 in 1001 goals but also #5 on my 2017 goals. I am really passionate about stewardship and see both time and money as valuable commodities to spend wisely. I am excited to increase our financial literacy and learn about saving and investing through Financial Peace University this fall!

Financial Peace University - Live like no one else

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September 2017 Goals

Happy September, Y’all! Fall is upon us and I am so incredibly thankful. Each and every year I talk about how fall is my favorite and each year I grow to love it more. Let’s savor the crisp mornings and warm afternoons in this beautiful month ahead!

September 2017 Goals


August was a month of productivity – heaps of it. I continued to implement running into my schedule and have grown very fond of it. We continued to honor our budget and have gained solid momentum with financial responsibility! I finished my design course with a 99%, and am now in the final days of the busiest season of the year for work. September is the welcome breath of fresh air I’ve been looking forward to!

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