My Journey with Running

This post is so very dear to my heart. Those closest to me know that running has been a long-held dream of mine that seemed out of my reach for so long. Thankfully, I am now a runner! I am still very new to running and at a beginner level, but I’m getting better!

It all began in late July when Dillon was training for Reach the Beach, an overnight relay. He set out for a run one Sunday night and for the first time ever, something completely shifted in my spirit. Previously, I would see runners out and about and automatically write it off as something I couldn’t accomplish. That Sunday evening, everything changed.

I closed my laptop, dug out some workout clothes, and tied up my four year old, beat-up Asics. I set out with the intent to merely complete the workout, with no expectation of pace or distance. My first ‘run’ was a 1.5 mile combination of walking and jogging, but I completed it and I was proud of myself. To some, that might seem like hardly a run, but it was the first step in the right direction. This little step ultimately changed my entire view of my physical ability for the better.

I started to gain more motivation to lace up my shoes and really press into this new habit. I faithfully stretched, used my foam roller, and hydrated through those hot summer days. At the beginning of August, I invested in a new pair of running shoes, my first pair of Brooks. Having structured shoes that are not overly worn has been a game changer for me!

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2018 PowerSheets – Prepare Well for Your Best Year Yet

Oh happy day, y’all! The 2018 PowerSheets are on sale today in the Cultivate What Matters shop! If you have been reading my blog for more than a day, you have probably heard me mention them before. I first heard about PowerSheets in late 2013 after discovering the incredibly inspiring Lara Casey and have invested in them every year since. At the time, my heart was filled to the brim with dreams but I was overwhelmed by where to begin. I quickly realized that PowerSheets seemed to be a system that could help me overcome overwhelm and take action instead, and they have!


Imagine this: It’s December and you are cozied up with a warm cup of coffee, enjoying the light of your Christmas tree. This year has been beautiful/hard/joyful/busy/tough/amazing and you are excited for a new year ahead. Regardless of how 2017 has been for you, you know that you want to make 2018 your best year yet. You pull out your package from Cultivate What Matters and realize you are holding the map to a beautiful blank slate in your hands, the 2018 PowerSheets. Suddenly, your goals have a name. You now have vision for how to fill your days, months, and hours. Most of all, you are joyfully expectant of all the good things ahead. You can have this experience, friends!

About PowerSheets

PowerSheets® help you uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps to make what matters happen. Perfect for anyone—moms, students, creatives, entrepreneurs—who needs a grace-filled system that works! 

You cannot outgrow PowerSheets – they are perfect for women in every stage of life, every role, and every season.

PowerSheets work, and you’re going to feel the impact right away if you’re faithful to the process. They will help you prioritize with confidence, giving you more time for what’s truly important in your life.

Most of all, PowerSheets are about progress, not perfection. They don’t help you make it all happen, they help you make the RIGHT things happen.


Are you ready to set powerful goals for your best year yet? Order your 2018 PowerSheets here and make what matters happen!


My Sources of Inspiration

Good morning, Y’all! It’s 6:29am and I am sitting at our kitchen table, drinking coffee from my Making Things Happen mug. I wrapped myself in my warm quilt and have a crackling candle beside me. I find so much inspiration in these early morning moments! It has me thinking about what inspires me or, as my friend Lara says, fires me up. While this list could go on forever, here are some of the first ones that came to mind this morning. Enjoy!

Robyn Van Dyke via Southern Weddings

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