My Winter Fun List (and a Printable!)

Winter in New Hampshire is distinctly frigid, snow-covered, and equally charming. While a huge part of me wishes to live in the South where the weather is currently in the 70s, winter here is beautiful. Last week I had a paid grown-up snow day (I didn’t know that was a thing!) and it was the best thing ever. There’s even more snow in the forecast today, which makes it the perfect day to share my winter fun list. Read through to the bottom for a fun printable to write your own list on, too!

Winter Fun List - Kyla MaryMy Winter Fun List

— buy a new wintry candle
— make and share valentines treats
— go for a walk while snow is falling
— visit Black Mountain Burger again with Dillon in the White Mountains
— watch a Bruins game with my dad
— visit my Auntie Dawn and share tea with her
— have (or attend) a campfire
— add a new blanket scarf to my collection of warm weather accessories
— visit the library
— host a gathering with a hot cocoa bar
— have a snowball fight
— buy a cute throw blanket for my desk
— make a snowman with Dillon (we’ve actually already done this one!)
— go ice skating outside
— attend a hockey game

What are some activities on your winter fun list? Comment below so we can inspire each other!

Get your winter fun list printable here.

We Took a Sleigh Ride! A Visit to Charmingfare Farm

Dillon and I ended 2016 on such a fun note with a sleigh ride at Charmingfare Farm this past Saturday. He found the activity online and reserved tickets for us the day before, meaning zero wait time. We bundled up in our warmest clothes with hand warmers and boots and headed to the farm on Saturday afternoon. We had just received a pretty heavy snowfall on Thursday night which was still fresh, making the trees looked magical. The sleigh was all ready for our ride when we arrived and we were able to climb in shortly after.

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 1

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 2

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 3

The horses took off at quite a clip and winded through the woods with jingle bells ringing from their bridles. There were about fifteen of us on board, including some little ones who were excited to see the animals. We spotted goats, reindeer, cows, more horses, and sheep as we traveled through the farm. Charmingfare had set up precious little displays along the sleigh path, including a gingerbread house, the grinch, a snowman village, and a little penguin family. It was really cute!

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 4

About halfway through the sleigh ride, we stopped to warm up at a pair of campfires they had prepared in a clearing. I roasted marshmallows, while Dillon enjoyed a warm cup of cocoa. He had thoughtfully brought extra layers for me to wear, so I was happily bundled in his coat and mine.

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 5

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 6

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 7

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 8

After our fireside break, we enjoyed the last bit of the sleigh ride and then visited their gift shop before we left. They had a variety of candles, jams, and Christmas decorations on display, as well as some cute little farm-themed toys for little ones. We had so much fun and I would gladly return for another ride next year!

We Took A Sleigh Ride - Kyla Mary 9

Have you ever taken a sleigh ride? If so, share your experience in the comments below!

Apple Picking


It surely feels like fall around here and I’m loving every bit of it. Dillon and I had the opportunity to go apple picking with some sweet friends on Saturday afternoon and we had such a lovely time! It was fun to cross off a fall bucket list activity while enjoying fellowship at the same time. There is a picturesque little orchard, Carter Hill, that’s a bit of a drive away and overlooks the mountains at the end of each row of trees. We enjoyed the view, snacked on apples to our hearts’ content, climbed branches for the best ones, and laughed along the way.



When we had finished picking, we went into the shop alongside the orchard and chose some sweets to enjoy. Dillon got a package of freshly made apple cider donuts, I picked out a pumpkin whoopie pie, and our friends each got a slice of pie and donuts of their own. I also picked up three little pumpkins to decorate with, which are arranged on my desk along with my Leaves candle.


After we shopped, we sat down at the edge of the orchard to enjoy our treats and talk about exciting life things. The weather was mild enough that you could be comfortable in a short sleeve top or a sweater all the same, and it was refreshing to soak up every bit of fresh air that we could before we headed back home.


I’m not usually a donut girl, but I tried my first bite of an apple cider one and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was!


With fall being my favorite season, I had imagined what it would be like to someday share it with someone special. It has been the sweetest thing to get to enjoy festive fall treats and activities with Dillon, making memories of our own. I’m so thankful!