Inspired by the Interior of Draper James Flagship Store

Reese Witherspoon has done it, y’all. In 2015, she launched a clothing line inspired by her Southern roots and personal style and it is perfection. I’ve been following her brand since the launch of her Dallas store last September and am equally smitten with the clothing and the interior of Draper James. First of all, they serve sweet tea to guests upon arrival – such a dream!

interior of draper james flagship

The interior of Draper James was designed by Mark D. Sikes, a Los-Angeles based interior designer who shares his thoughts behind the project here. Together with Reese, he designed the space to feel like a classic Southern home.

interior of draper james flagship

This is carried out with impeccable thought through the intentional use of patterns. The wallpaper and textiles only serve to complement Reese’s product line, not compete with it.

interior of draper james flagship

They even found a way to decorate with metal gardening supplies which serve to make the space feel lived in instead of untouchable. Sikes designed the back of the store to feel like a mudroom, as seen to the lower left. The fabrics remind me of Carolina blue – I’d like to use it all over our home!

interior of draper james flagship

In additional to the intentionality of using Southern-inspired design, Sikes also handpicked Southern artists to contribute work to the store. Where can I get my hands on this beautifully lettered sentiment by Chelsea Petaja? I may just have to create my own!

interior of draper james flagship -chelsea petaja

I read in an article that Reese wanted the space to feel “comfortable, inviting, and inspiring”. As a result, Sikes made the interior of Draper James look like a beautifully designed home. I’d like to cozy up on that couch to sip a glass of sweet tea!

interior of draper james flagship

Each and every detail of this store carries the grace and charm of the South. Draper James has inspired me to paint my front door blue, create a bold gallery wall, and look for ways to use beautiful textiles in our home.

interior of draper james flagship

all photos by Leslee Mitchell

Most of all, I now have yet another reason to travel South to visit Nashville, Lexington, or Dallas for myself!

Have you had the pleasure of visiting a Draper James store? Share your experience below!

Morning Commute Playlist

I’m slowly but surely becoming a morning person, y’all. I look forward to cozying up with my cup of coffee to slowly wake up each day. Since I have not yet mastered the 6 o’clock wake up time, my morning routine typically continues during my commute as well. As a result, I’ve realized that my morning commute playlist has helped turn the drive to work into a novelty in my day. Rather than defaulting to auto-pilot mode in the morning, I now look forward to and truly enjoy my drive. As we step into a new week, I’m sharing my playlist with you this morning!

my morning commute playlist - kyla mary

Rhyme and Reason by Alexandra Wolf Photography 

Simply click here and listen on Spotify. Happy Monday, y’all!

What songs would you include in a morning commute playlist? Share your favorites below and I might add them to my list!



Sunshine for Sick Days and Snow Days

Goodness, y’all. This week has been filled with curveballs, sick days, and snow days! It started off in the most wonderful way with the Patriots winning the Super Bowl (yay!) and a great day on Monday. Then on Monday night I suddenly came down with what I think was the flu. I took sick days yesterday and Tuesday, and am now doing much better! Food still lacks its usual appeal, but I think that should pass by the weekend. Now that I am feeling better and mostly ready to return to routine, we are in the thick of a snowstorm in New Hampshire! At last report, I heard 10-16″ in today’s forecast. Snow is beautiful, but being homebound and not being able to see Dillon is not my preference! To bring a little warmth and sunshine into this week, I am sharing some cheerful snippets with y’all today.

lilly pulitzer s'well starbucks - sick days - kyla mary

1. Lilly Pulitzer + S’well Bottles are coming to Starbucks! And they are gorgeous. I saw Emily Ley mention these on Instagram stories this morning and quickly took to the internet to learn more. I didn’t see any official information announced about this product, but there were a few postings on Instagram, including this one where I found the photo shared above. I have had my eye on a S’well bottle for a while now and would really like to pick one up if I find one at my local Starbucks in the upcoming days. Lilly collaboration products tend to go quickly even here in NH though, so we shall see!

Ashley Brooke Instagram - sick days - kyla mary

2. I recently discovered the Instagram account of Ashley Brooke and it’s filled with so much color and cheer! I really appreciate her style and the way she seems to make every day occasions extra fun!

Cultivate What Matters Goal Setting - sick days - kyla mary

3. The ladies over at Cultivate What Matters are offering a free goal setting guide! Simply visit their home page and scroll down until you’re almost at the bottom. It’s never too late to set good goals!

2 Timothy 4 17 Emily Ley - sick days - kyla mary

4. There’s so much truth to these words. Happy Thursday, y’all!