The First Things We Bought for Our Apartment

Happy Monday, Y’all! Today I am sharing the first things we bought for our apartment. Even though I tried to be an informed bride by asking around and reading articles, this was unchartered territory for me. Dillon and I chose to not move in together until the day we got married, which meant we didn’t combine all our possessions until our wedding day. We were fortunate to have the keys to our apartment a few weeks early. We took care to fill our space with basic needs (and some wants) during those weeks.  While we’d both lived away at college after high school, we both moved directly into our apartment from our family homes.

As a result, we basically moved into our apartment with the bare bones necessities that one should have for a home. Confession: we still haven’t purchased our own flatware set. We received most of our household essentials at my bridal shower, but there are some pieces that remain unfulfilled. Thankfully, we were blessed with gift cards to fill in the gaps!

Our space is small (about 650 square feet), but even the tiniest space can feel barren if left unfurnished. We were blessed to have a couch and bed from our parents, but that was all for furniture. As you can see from the photo above, our couch set is a spring green color which is not my preference – but I’m grateful to have been gifted it! I would eventually like to purchase a neutral couch instead.

As we first got settled into our apartment, I kept a list of items to purchase from Target and Walmart. After receiving the keys to our apartment, we spent most of that first week making multiple trips to both stores for essentials. I’ve organized the list into categories for quick reference. Enjoy!

curtains and curtain rods
pretty hand towels
— a candle

— pantry shelving and bins
— dish soap, sponges, and a sponge holder
— trash cans for the kitchen and bathroom
— trash bags in varying sizes (bathroom, beneath the kitchen sink, and tall kitchen)
— toilet paper and paper towels
— basic seasonings

accent cabinet
— a nice dining table and chairs (This came about a month later. We used a folding table in the interim.)

What are the first things you purchased for your first apartment or home?

Living Room Inspiration for Our First Apartment

One of my favorite parts of newlywed life is playing interior designer within our shared space. I plan to take you along in the process through posts just like this one, starting today with living room inspiration for our first apartment! In June I shared how we’re starting with neutral furniture because it’s timeless and versatile. As a result, this has left plenty of room for creative expression with decorative accents!

While considering my aesthetic vision for our living room, I thought about its function too. We dream of hosting game nights in this space. It’s the place we retreat to after a long day of work to talk and relax. This is also the room where I enjoy quiet time almost every morning. As a result, I planned the space around the characteristics of being comfortable, cute, and welcoming with plenty of storage. We have a place for our books and Bible study reading, a place for Dillon’s gaming equipment, and a place for my quiet time items.

living room inspiration for our first apartment

bookshelf | gallery frames | accent cabinet | couch | white pillows | ticking pillows

home pillow | coffee table | rug | end table | lamp base | lamp shade | ginger jar

Because we invested in storage-friendly furniture above, we currently have a place for our books and Bible study reading, a place for Dillon’s gaming equipment, and a place for my quiet time items. There’s a space for board games, charging cords, candles, and a lighter.

I envision that rug, coffee table (ahem, I don’t want ottomans anymore), pretty end table tying our room together beautifully. I’m excited to continue making progress on our space and sharing pictures when it’s done!

Do you have any recommendations for pieces that are both pretty and decorative? Please share below, we would love to hear them!

Making Design Choices for Our Home

Happy Wednesday, Y’all! I’ve lived in our apartment for less than two weeks but that short time has reawakened the interior designer in me. I’m feeling incredibly inspired! I am approaching the process of making design choices for our home as an opportunity to reflect our style as a couple. As we begin to purchase pieces for our home, I’m sharing my heart behind our design choices today!

Making Design Choices for Our Home - Kyla Mary

via Magnolia Market

I define my personal style as classic and polished, but not lacking personality. I prefer timeless pieces that have a touch of character. Dillon is drawn to styles that are both fun and functional. We’ll express these preferences in our home by building a foundation of neutral pieces and then adding our personality through decorative accents.

Wood Furniture  —Dillon and I look for pieces that are both timeless and well-made, marrying form with function. To make the most of our design budget, we plan to invest in classic furniture items, made of quality materials. For example, we found a beautiful wooden dining table from Pottery Barn on Craigslist that will anchor our space for years to come. We also invested in a pair of well-made pine nightstands for our bedroom. By choosing beautiful wood furniture, we’re making an investment in styles that will last.

White Essentials — To keep with our plans to invest in neutral pieces, we purchased white floor-length curtains for each room. This has made our spaces look brighter and open instead of giving each room a dominant color. We registered for classic white porcelain dishware, choosing a style we will still enjoy years down the road. We also chose a white quilt over a patterned duvet, with room to accent with pillows or a throw blanket. As we collect decorative pieces, I’m thankful to have a neutral foundation that won’t compete with fun pieces we find.

Meaningful Details — As we’ve considered expressing our personality in our home, we want our home to inspire others. We plan to do this by choosing fun decorative details and displaying scripture and uplifting words throughout our home. This will be a great way to have what matters most front and center each day! We also want to display photos of loved ones too, serving as a loving reminder of where we came from and those we love.

I’m excited to share an inside look into the process of decorating our home! Stay tuned over the next few months as I continue making design choices for our home and settling into our space.