Hosting Our First Friendsgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I am so excited that tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. On Saturday, we hosted our first Friendsgiving. It was such a treat to fill our home to the brim with loved ones and great food! It also completely shifted my perspective on hospitality and making the most of what you have. I am so glad we decided to open our home and make Friendsgiving happen!


Our Heart Behind It
At the beginning of the month, I was thinking about holiday traditions and our heart for people. The summer and early fall were so incredibly full for us that we began to really miss being regularly surrounded with community. The idea of hosting friendsgiving seemed like a perfect way to start a tradition and host a big, everyone-is-invited party! At first, I almost wrote it off as too much work and wondered if our friends would be too busy to come! The excuses can so easily pile up. But instead of making excuses, we decided to go for it. We invited more friends than we had space for, and I’m so glad we did.

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Financial Peace and an Exciting Life Update!

Good morning, friends! It’s a little after 7 and the sunrise is beautiful this morning. I’m cozied up with my favorite quilt and my warm cup of coffee and this Christmas playlist in the background. Life has just been so sweet lately.

Yesterday was such a good day. I finally changed my last name to Shattuck at the DMV, bank, and leasing office for our apartment (woohoo!). I’ve also begun transitioning my email to my new last name slowly but surely! After I got home from the name change, I got moving on a broken light fixture in our bathroom that we have patiently tolerated since summer. Then I updated our home filing system and put away random papers that had yet to be properly filed. Y’all, productivity came in heaps yesterday!

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Apple Picking at Mack’s Apples

Happy Monday, Friends! My heart is full from enjoying the most perfect fall weather in New England this weekend. The foliage finally popped up across the state, accompanied by crisp nights and warm afternoon breezes. While it’s cloudy today, this month has held the most beautiful October weather I can remember. It most definitely made the perfect backdrop for our date to Mack’s Apples yesterday!

I grew up just down the road from Mack’s Apples, so it was quite a treat to visit with Dillon! We made a trip there on Friday after breakfast at Cracker Barrel to stroll through their farm stand and play with the pumpkins. Since that was such a quick visit, we took our time enjoying the farm yesterday. One of my October goals was to go apple picking, and I couldn’t be happier with the day we chose to do so!

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