My 2018 Inspiration Board (and How to Create Your Own!)

In true New England fashion, a snowstorm is on the way today! I am sipping my morning coffee and can see the flurries just beginning to form outside. Even though the frigid temperatures have been trying this winter, I really like snow storms. There’s something about being snowed in, cozied up with a good book or a project to work on. Today I plan to wrap up some copywriting for my new website (launching next week!) and prepping blog posts for the month.

In all of the excitement of the new year, it’s fitting to share my 2018 inspiration board! Instead of creating one in Illustrator as I usually do, I am sharing my Pinterest board since it is a work in progress.

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Happy New Year! 2018 Goals

Happy New Year! I love this time of year. It’s the start of something new, it brings hope and refreshment. It’s full of so much vision. January 1st is a clean slate, it’s the starting line. We are given a big, beautiful gift of 365 days to use as we’d like. It’s such a sweet reminder of how precious time is, too.

I really enjoyed setting goals this year. Starting at the beginning of December, I quickly made a habit of sitting by our Christmas tree with a warm cup of coffee in one hand, a pen in the other, and my PowerSheets on my lap. I got the pages messy with ideas, thoughts, and hopes for 2018. After all the thought and prayer put into my 2018 goals, I am more excited for the year ahead than ever before. I set goals that actually scare me – they’re not safe, easy, or likely to be forgotten. I am ready, y’all, and so expectant!

My word for the year came to me during the sermon yesterday at church: His way (not mine). In everything I want to accomplish in 2018, I am wholly dependant on God to help me make things happen. Growing in communion with Him and daily surrendering my will are key to anything worth doing this year. My first two goals will enforce that and grow helpful disciplines to grow my faith and help me in completing the other goals on the list. Enjoy a peek into my year ahead!

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2017 in Review

2017 was sweet as a peach! Together with 2016, this has been the most growing time in my life so far. When I have reflected on prior years, I have noticed lots of unseen change and growth (emotional, spiritual, etc). This year, however, was altogether different in the best ways.

While I had lots of emotional and spiritual lessons in 2017, many of my milestones and growth happened on the outside: getting married, moving out of my parents home, resuming my college education, starting a new job, eventually leaving that job, and digging deep into my vision for the years ahead. It has been a banner year, to say the least, and I am so thankful. As 2017 comes to a close today I’m excited to share a review of the past 12 months. Enjoy!

January was a beautiful start to the year. It was marked with lots of growth, new disciplines, and the challenge of a brand new job. I had said up-and-down that I would never work a cubicle job but this year I was able to grow and learn from my experience in doing so. January started off with settling into my new position, prioritizing date nights with Dillon, and some of the early steps of wedding planning (building our registry, inviting our flower girls and junior bridesmaids, sending our save the dates, and dreaming together of what our wedding day would look like).

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