Wedding Planning Update: Less than 2 Months to Go!

We are less than fifty days to our wedding! My friends hosted the perfect bridal shower on Saturday – more on that soon! – and I have felt more like a bride ever since. There have been lots of important to-dos, family gatherings, and projects to be done over the past month. With that, I have not really sat down to blog and share our life happenings recently, but I have missed this! With less than two months until the big day, we are due for another wedding planning update with lots to report!

Wedding Planning Update - Less Than Two Months to Go!

source: Perry Vaile Photography

We have accomplished more in the past month than we have in all the prior months of engagement combined! We are going on a family vacation in early May, so we’ve made it our mission to finish as much of the planning as possible before we leave so we can soak up the much-needed rest. We’ve begun to delegate a lot more of the time-consuming projects to loved ones and continue to be blessed by the generosity of those around us. It takes a village to do lots of things, and making a wedding happen is one of them!

Since my last update we’ve:
— looked at possible bridal accessories (I think I’ve found my earrings and have a good idea of my desired shoe style!)
— decided on and reserved Dillon’s attire
— confirmed the attire for our flower girls and junior bridesmaids
— added another bridesmaid and groomsman to our bridal party
— secured all but two bridesmaids dresses and communicated the shoe choices
— finalized our rental plan
— chosen and ordered our bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts
— spoken with my sweet auntie who is making my veil
— begun to test out wedding day makeup products
— talked with two dear friends who will serve as our emcee and day-of coordinator
— completed a bouquet run-through to estimate the number of blooms to order
— brought my dress for the first round of dress alterations
— put a deposit on a tent in case of inclement weather
— chosen the groomsmen attire and communicated that to them
— discussed ideas for our wedding morning
— chosen a reading for our ceremony
— ordered ribbon samples for bouquets and a couple other projects… there are so many pretty colors to choose from!
— finalized and ordered our stationery suite
— ordered our envelopes
— gathered some vintage postage for our stationery to be photographed (we were blessed to be gifted my favorites from Little Postage House!)
— addressed and assembled our stationery suite (I’m taking them to the post office to be hand-cancelled and sent this week!)
— finalized our timeline and talked through it with our photographer
— ordered and picked up thank you cards

Our next action steps are:
— choose and order my bridal accessories
— make plans for our wedding morning
— plan our ceremony
— write our vows
— place floral order and purchase supplies
— do a cake run through and decide on our cake stand
— order dessert
— sit down with our day-of coordinator friend to talk through specifics
— create playlists for various aspects of the day (ceremony, cocktail hour, reception)
— order any specialty linens aside from the basic ones from the rental company
— go for my second dress fitting
— secure the last two dresses for my faraway bridemaids
— file for our marriage license
— plan our rehearsal dinner
— finalize our list of needs for the big day (down to every extension cord and trash bag… I’m big on details and preparedness!)
— purchase bouquet ribbon

We are getting so close! It’s really exciting to see the pieces come together of everything we’ve been imagining. I’m so very grateful!

April 2017 Goals

Happy April, friends! I have missed writing in this sweet little space over the past few weeks. March was unexpectedly full! I turned 25, we found our apartment (YAY!) made lots of progress with wedding planning, and I got to catch up with lots of dear friends. While I didn’t post here as much as I’d planned, I am thankful for all the sweet memories made.

I think of April as the month of getting the majority of our remaining to-dos finished. Being nearly two weeks into the month already, this has held true so far. Dillon and I are going on a week-long vacation with my family early in May, and he moves into our apartment right after that. Since we are planning our wedding entirely on our own, without a planner, I have designated this month for wrapping up the details. I would like to have everything finished or delegated by the time we leave for vacation, so April is sure to be a productive month!

source: Cultivate What Matters

My goals for this month are focused primarily on organizing, planning, and prep-work for May and June. Things are coming together little-by-little, and I’m so very grateful for all the help of our friends and family in that!

April 2017 Goals:

– de-clutter and organize my bedroom, donating or tossing unnecessary items
– finish planning our wedding, delegating and assigning any outstanding tasks
– create a fun countdown for the savings goal that Dillon and I set together
– simplify my bathroom closet and pantry, keeping only items I will bring with me to our apartment
– buy the New Morning Mercies devotional
– savor every moment of my bridal shower
– plan my packing list for Bermuda and shop for new pieces, as needed
– fill out my prayer journal with thoughtful requests for the month and pray through it each week
– do some form of pampering for myself each week


What do y’all have planned for April? Share a few of your goals in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

Morning Commute Playlist

I’m slowly but surely becoming a morning person, y’all. I look forward to cozying up with my cup of coffee to slowly wake up each day. Since I have not yet mastered the 6 o’clock wake up time, my morning routine typically continues during my commute as well. As a result, I’ve realized that my morning commute playlist has helped turn the drive to work into a novelty in my day. Rather than defaulting to auto-pilot mode in the morning, I now look forward to and truly enjoy my drive. As we step into a new week, I’m sharing my playlist with you this morning!

my morning commute playlist - kyla mary

Rhyme and Reason by Alexandra Wolf Photography 

Simply click here and listen on Spotify. Happy Monday, y’all!

What songs would you include in a morning commute playlist? Share your favorites below and I might add them to my list!