2014 has been incredible and full. Looking back at the past twelve months reminded me of the abundant blessings and grace that God has given me. Today began Lara Casey’s 2015 goal setting series, with step one being a reflection on the good that 2014 held. Here are some of the things I am celebrating today as I prepare for the year ahead:

God changed my heart and carried me through a life changing experience.

FebruarySurgeryKylaMary He provided me with community, especially through my small group, and surrounded me with loving friends.
He brought me on lots of adventures, including a trip to ChicagoMayChicagoKylaMaryand exploring New England.MayBostonKylaMary

He healed my back and my heart. He introduced me to women who inspire my dreams and speak wisdom and purpose into them. He took me on a retreat, where I had the opportunity to lead a special group of middle schoolers and soak up His beauty in the nature there. He provided, time and time again. He shared the goodness of intentional mornings with me, and then taught me to give myself grace when schedules shift.FebruaryScriptureKylaMary
He saw me through a difficult season and taught me more about myself and His heart for me through it. He brought me on a special trip to the South with my mama, where I got to celebrate the company I most admire by attending the Southern Weddings V7 Launch party and hug a sweet friend who God has used in a big way in my life over the past year. happy-southern-weddings-greeters
(picture by Millie Holloman via Southern Weddings)

He has given me sweet moments with loved ones and a passion for weddings and the love that lasts far beyond them. Through His strength, I decided to go back to school and finished a degree. I served in my church’s student ministry and production. In November, I began interning with my church’s creative team. I joined Ruthie of Ruth Eileen Photography as her new part-time assistant. I kept designing, renamed my brand, and I guest-designed for a community of Christian women over the winter. Most recently, I began growing my blog and I have been putting pen to paper with some of the biggest goals on my heart. God has done tremendous things in my life during 2014 and I am excited to see what 2015 brings.


My 2014 Vision

Hi y’all and welcome! Today I will be sharing my vision for 2014, as part 3 of Lara Casey‘s Goal Setting series. I have truly been enjoying the steps and process of setting goals for this year, and Lara takes care to do this gradually so that your goals are rooted in what matters. This particular part of the series was originally posted on her blog on Tuesday, but I needed more time to pray and wait patiently to see what my real vision for 2014 entailed. After my vision, I share my ‘yes’ and ‘no’ lists for the year. These are sprinkled with supporting links to sources that I really enjoy. Without further ado:
My 2014 Vision

I want to live each day fully, with a heart filled of gratitude and intention. I want to know that I gave my best every single day, even if ‘my best’ meant surrendering it all to God and resting in his presence. I want to live a fun life, taking initiative to do fun things and to get myself out of the house or doing fun things at home. I want to lose the rest of my excess weight, tone, and strengthen my body to be the very best that it can be. I want to come to peace with my back pain and not see it is a ‘hand I have been dealt.’ While I know I am not perfect and will make mistakes, I want to seek wisdom and do more of what I should do and less of what I shouldn’t. I want to speak life. I want to drink lots of clean water. I want to start each day in God’s presence, filling my heart and mind with His truths and seeking his plan. I want the roots of my faith to be so deep that storms and burdens cannot shake it. I want each step I take to be guided by the Holy Spirit.  I want to overcome my injury, whether it be through patience or surgery, or both. I want to blog and create and get my ideas out of my head and onto the page. I want to work hard at creating inspiring products for my Etsy shop and enjoy this stepping stone to my creative dreams. If it is not meant for my shop to eventually be my main source of income, I want to find an internship or job that challenges me but makes my heart sing, allowing me to create and inspire others and work with people who are encouraging and passionate about life. I want to love Jesus without abandon and to refuse to let earthly problems weigh me down. I want to make 2014 matter.

Based on my vision, this year I am saying “no” to:

  • Dwelling in worry and fear
  • Clutter, both physical and mental
  • Meaningless social media and shallow texting conversations
  • Processed food
  • Letting my emotions get out of control or be influenced by things I can’t control
  • Doing what I know I shouldn’t do, or sitting idly by when there is something I know I should be doing
  • Comparing myself to others or criticizing myself for not being on the traditional college path

I’m saying ‘yes’ to:

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Please share your vision and lists in the comments, I’d love to read them!