Flower Picking at Sunnycrest Farm

This Saturday my friend Tara and I went flower picking at Sunnycrest Farm in Londonderry. I’ve lived in New Hampshire all my life and had no idea that flower picking farms existed until Tara introduced me! After eating a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we had lots of fun getting creative with our flower bunches and picking stems one by one.


Sunnycrest has a cute little shop beside the parking lot where we received a pair of garden shears before visiting the flower patch. The picking happens on the honor system with the cost being determined at the end per bloom.


I’m typically drawn to delicate light blooms and greenery so it was a fun challenge to work with the hearty bright wildflowers instead. I started with bright pinks and peaches, adding reds and yellows in afterward.


There was an abundance of bees swarming the rows of sunflowers, so we got strategic with our sunflower clipping. Tara went first after we considered the best way to collect our flowers without bothering the bees. We found it easiest to scout out the desired flower, cut it at the base of the stem, and step back (or rather run from the scene) until they flew away and we could collect it unscathed.


I am quite pleased with my finish product! I gifted my bouquet to my mom and it’s been adorning our kitchen table ever since.



The Prairie State

Today has been so fun. After a fabulous morning of sleeping in, I started the day by pouring a mug of coffee and reading chapter 9 of Nehemiah. The house was quiet and the air felt summery. I was pretty delighted.
After a bit, my friend’s parents-in-law returned and invited me to tag along to go pick up a piece of furniture across town. It was so nice to spend time with them driving through the fields and small towns that make up this part of the country. I took lots of pictures.

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When we got back, I ate lunch and then went to spend the afternoon with my friend’s kind sister-in-law, Bekah. We went to two thrift shops and I got a lot of things, including a blanket that has a cow farm scene woven into it. I paid three dollars for it which was pretty much a victory. We then went to a little cafe where I had a delicious coconut flavored drink. It was basically all things good in a cup. We then went to a candy store where I got gummy bears. White ones are the best. We ate our candy in the town square which was quaint and lovely.

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We ended the excursion with a trip to good ol’ Target. Enough said.

When we got back, we enjoyed sweet tea and thin crust pizza on the patio with the family. They are seriously wonderful. While we were finishing our meal, I saw a bit of light through the trees and asked if it was the sunset. Today wasn’t very sunny so I hadn’t expected to see a sunset, but I asked anyway. When they answered yes, I said “Then why are we sitting here?!” and we all excitedly piled into the car and took off to a place where we could get a better view of it. For thirty or so minutes, I felt all warm and fuzzy and my heart was overflowing. Sunsets are my thing. I absolutely love them and this one was stunning. God placed it there for us and it was the most perfect way to end today. I took a ton of pictures of it and then tried to capture it in my mind too because I’ve heard that midwestern sunsets are incredible and particularly special. When the sun sank and the streaks of color darkened in the sky, we headed back to the house to play games.

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After a few games and a fun trip to Kroger, we just got back and now it’s time to pack up for the road trip tomorrow. I’m really enjoying this trip and am very grateful for a fun full day today.

Be Present

There are thirty minutes left in my flight. Two thoughts have stuck with me while I’ve been on this plane: be present, and align my heart with God’s.
Since flying is one of my most favorite things to do, I don’t want to land quite yet. That thought is what provoked me to be present. Whether you are heading into the office for another day of work or embarking on an adventure today, be present. Days pass all too quickly when we are wrapped up in social media, staring back at the past, or fixated on mundane problems that pop up throughout our lives. I am resolving to be entirely present this weekend and to enjoy the adventures that lie within the next three days.

My second thought came after seeing my pastor’s status on Facebook. I am often seeking my own desires and following my own agenda. Whether we intend to pave our own way or not, we often seek our own plans instead of His. I want to become more intentional about prayerfully aligning my heart with His. When we are seeking His heart and His plan, we absolutely cannot fail.

We are beginning our decent now so it’s time to sign off. Make today a lovely one 🙂